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Questions for Saya Ito

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Hello everyone! I've been having a conversation with Saya bout her injury and the what happened to her WPMF championship. For those that don't know, Saya is a talented Muay Thai fighter from Japan who has fought in both Japan and Thailand. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to ask Saya a question, she doesn't speak any English so take advantage of this opportunity.


Some Background information on Saya:


2016 Goals

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I'm interested in how she's managed to graduate (because she should be about to graduate, right? correct me if I'm wrong) / study at highschool while keeping her training at a high level and fighting? Japanese school are known to be really strict about tests and stuff like that so I'm wondering how it looks for her.

Did she enjoy something about her high school life apart from training and fighting?

Do her classmates/schoolmates know she's a fighter and champion?

Basically, I'm interested in her school life and how she's treated by her peers and how people treat her knowing/not-knowing she's a fighter. Do they really care?

Aaand if she has a current favorite manga and anime (sorry, I'm an otaku). 

Apart from that I hope she'll have a speedy recovery! Can you tell us a bit more about what happened, coz I didn't know she was injured!! :(

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How has she adjusted her goals due to her injury? Is she still training and what adjustments has she made in that realm?

She expressed desire to fight against opposition from all over the world; was that in the interest of visiting other countries through Muay Thai or is there an interest in the variety of how different countries perform Muay Thai?

Is she coming back to Thailand for a stint in training anytime soon? Where will she train?

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1). How does it feel to have your title given back to Little Tiger, a fighter who seemed to avoid fighting you for many years?

2). I remember you saying that you wanted to fight in America...(I think?). Why especially America?

3). Do you think you still will be fighting when you are 23 or so?

4). You had a plan to fight 12 times in 12 months back in February, something that injury got in the way of. Do you feel like this was a reachable goal even without the injury (enough opponents and opportunities)? This would be a very high fight rate for a female Japanese fighter. Did Sylvie's very high fight rate (probably the highest in the world), or the fight rates of Thai female fighters factor in the goal to fight so much?

5). Do you think that your clinch has improve enough to deal with Sylvie's strength which also has improved?

6). What do you think of Thai female fighters?

7). Do you feel that scoring in Thailand is fair to Japanese fighters?

8). Do you have a desire or plan to fight top Thai female fighters in your weight like Loma Lookboonmee (the best), Faa Chiangrai, Peungsiam (who beat Little Tiger), Gaewdaa Por. Muangphet, Phetjee Jaa?

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