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How to deal with the heat in Thailand and other first-timer questions

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Hi, in a supplementary heat-related question, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on whether high factor sunscreen is readily available and relatively cheap in Thailand? I'm going to be training at Diamond Muay Thai on Koh Phangan for three months, and I've got super pale Irish skin that never tans - I just burn, then my skin falls off, so I don't even bother trying to sunbathe. Somewhere really hot I would usually slather myself in factor 50 but that's a lot of bottles for a three month stay - will I be all right to just bring a couple and assume I'll be able to get more while I'm out there, or should I fill my suitcase?


The same skin problems over here for me!

You can find enough sunscreen at the pharmacies in Thailand and if you search good, you can even find factor 110.  :ohmy:  :smile: 


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The same skin problems over here for me!

You can find enough sunscreen at the pharmacies in Thailand and if you search good, you can even find factor 110.  :ohmy:  :smile: 


110! Wow. Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

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I want to mention, as a good alternative to drinking water when you sweat much because of heat or hard work; the so called minerale waters.  You see on the label if it contains lotsa of different salts.

Along the same lines, the so called minerale kitchen salt, which contain less of the usual NaCl, but contains instead also K (potassium)  and Mg iones.  If unsure, you see it on the label.

You can sprinkle a little salt on anything you drink or eat.  If you salt just a little, it wont taste salty, but may even enhance the taste of the drink (and food); coffe for example may get a richer taste with a sprinkle salt.


Its dangerous to drink lotsa of just water without salts when its hot and or you train hard, because drinking that much water, you dilute  the salts (=electrolytes) in the body fluids...  And collapse sooner or later, not because of lack of water but because of lack of salts...  You also swell up


Somebody mentioned sugar in sport drinks etc... Sugar is an enemy in many diets.  True.    Although perhaps not so bad for most active sports people.

But, glucose sugar / dextrose, is usually OK, its the body´s natural fuel and the body grabs it already in the mouth.    - you see on the label what sugar its in.  If its glucose sugar, its OK, the only exceptions is perhaps if you are on a strict keto diet. If its some other sugar - you must decide.   

Its the common table sugar which is our common "enemy".   Fructose is a common alternative sweetener, as its natural.  BUT

Fructose is not good either in more than small amounts (its in fruits and honey, so these small amounts are OK, especielly as both fruits and honey are healthy by itself - especielly raw honey is good!.  But fructose used as an active sweetener  isnt healthy - it fattens you up!  The body knows well how to handle glucose sugar and use it as fuel and spare the unused leftovers as glykogene,  but it barely knows how to handle fructose in more than small amounts, so all excessive fructose goes immediately into fat...    Perhaps not a big problem for an active athlethe, but a big problem for all whom need to mind their weight...


Persons living on active Keto diet, will need even more of electrolytes, especially K = potassium, so the advices above arent enough - they will prob need additional potassium source (Kevin did told me).

But these minerale salt and minerale water  are a good starter even for the Keto-ists.   🙂



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