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The time has come to deal with it face-to-face. My resolutions for 2016 were...really ambitious now that I look back at them :p

I think my 2016 goals will truely form after I come back from Thailand :) 

What I can say for sure for now:

1) Loose weight (that's my goal every year...never accomplished) through training & dieting - NOT DONE (I gained +10kg T_T )

2) Perfecting the techniques I'm already decent at (right jab, middle kick, low kick, right hook) - It's an ongoing process, so I can say I worked on it - DONE

3) Learn some throws and trips for clinch!!! (that's totally my number 1 goal) - Still a lot to learn, but I started working on it, so - DONE

4) Get better all-around, to be able to spar with the "badass" people at summer camp without much damage - NOT DONE

5) Learn how to read openings on opponents - or at least start working on getting a clue how to do it - Still no clue - NOT DONE


Haha, I managed to do 2/5. That sucks. Still, a nice reminder of what I can achieve and what needs more focus and more work.

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