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July Phuket Trip Suggestions & Advice / Upcoming Travel Possibility

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Hello Sylvie, Kevin and everyone else on this forum. I've been a big fan of the Muay Thai Library and the work put out by Sylvie & Kevin for a long time, hands down the best Muay Thai resources and content available. 

I am hoping to be able to travel to Thailand from the UK  in early July provided that tourism is re-opened. I've seen in an article that Thailand hopes to open three provinces if they are able to vaccinate 70% of the population.  I initially planned to go to Kru Manop in Chang Mai as I love his library session and detail orientated coaching style but it seems Phuket will be the only province open to go train at.  I plan to stay for 10 weeks if possible and I'd love a smaller, less commercial gym that still has a very high level team who would be able to give attention to those that want to work hard.

With that in mind, I wanted to ask if anyone had been to Phuket to train before or has any recommendations for gyms to train at. I'd like to stick to one gym for the entire 10 weeks and potentially have a fight or two- with me being a beginner I'd want to see how competent I felt after some proper training. I was looking at PhuketKing Muay Thai as I also enjoyed that library session and Kru Pot's demeanor, but would be open to any other suggestions, whether that's Sinbi or Rattachai gym. If it's worth noting whether it'll impact the training/fighting experience- I am 6ft 2 and around 81kg.

I also wanted to open a thread for people to discuss the likelihood of the ability to travel to Thailand to train in the near future- I'm sure theres a few of us who have wanted to go for a while but Covid has prevented it. 

Thank you very much in advance for any replies or comments. I just made my account here today but I'm looking forward to becoming a part of this community. 

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I was going to suggest Kru Pot from the Library when I started reading your question. He just has a great energy, seems to take his fighters seriously. If you enjoy the Muay Khao style he teaches it very well, with a large vocabulary. It's a smallish gym which may add to the feeling of more personal attention.

As to Thailand and opening up, there is tremendous pressure within the country to open up to tourism, so it's going to happen more quickly than not. One can never guess accurately though, because if the open up and a variant comes in and sweeps through they will slam the doors shut very fast. The country has a kind of schizophrenic relationship with the West. On the one hand it loves and relies on Western tourism, with large parts of its economy tied to it, but it also has very insular elements, which is why it has been so successful in warding off COVID in the first place. So, it really depends on what happens in the first month or so once they open up the doors to the world.

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Thank you for your reply, Kevin! If I am able to visit Thailand in the summer before my university course starts again mid-September I'll be sure to visit Kru Pot based on your confirmation of his coaching style and gym. Insightful comment about thailand opening up, fingers crossed I'll be able to visit and more importantly that Covid numbers remain low. 

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Waves in July in Phuket are not uncommon. It makes surfers happy. In the morning, whole crowds of tourists go to the beach to conquer the ocean. Do not give up the desire and the fair sex. A variety of seafood is offered for every taste, especially many proposals in the steakhouse, which is located near the beach Karon. You can try a delicious Tom Yam soup for 80 baht in small restaurants. His portion is quite a substitute for lunch. Since I have been here many times, I wanted to visit something unusual, and karpiakcaravan.com helped me. I chose a place like Big Johnson Lake. I hope the trip will be interesting.

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@tsmith47 I am not finding the information about three provinces. The updated info on Thai Embassy official site is here. From what I understand, the new "Test and Go" program has no geographic restrictions, once you meet the program requirements:


Fully vaccinated travelers from any country are allowed to enter Thailand without quarantine. Here are the requirements: Fully vaccinated for more than 14 days before traveling; Must book a SHA+ Hotel for Day 1 while waiting for the result of the RT PCR COVID test; must possess a COVID-19 Insurance.


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    • This short essay series also confronts the aesthetics of Muay Thai, as a practice. Arguments that Westerners often come to train in Thailand as a matter of a project of aesthetics.      
    • I'm just going to respond generally here. I think at 70 kg your best bet would be a gym in Phuket, because I'm not sure it would be easy to get a fight with a Thai in other parts of the country? Perhaps there are really experienced Thai female fighters in Chiang Mai who fight at 60? At least in Phuket you'd have a better chance of being matched up against another larger westerner as well? We're a little blind on the state of fighting promotions in Chiang Mai and Phuket, in the COVID era, but it seems that Phuket is having more regular shows than Chiang Mai at this point. In terms of gym recommendations though, we really don't know Phuket gyms, personally. Phuket Fight Club is a very powerful gym in Phuket that features a lot of Brazilian fighters on shows, that seems to teach a very disciplined, kick-oriented, balanced attack (based on how they seem to fight). At least with the good sized gym like that you'd have suitable training partners, and they should be able to get you fights...but this is just a view from afar.
    • I'll be going to Thailand for 2-3 months next summer with my aim being training as much as possible and hopefully fighting. I've only had 2 fights, by the time I go I'm hoping to have had 3. One thing that I believe might cause me issues is the fact that I'm pretty big, 5'9 and walk around at about 70kg. In the west it's not that big of a problem, I always train with men because there is never any girl my size and I don't mind it at all, but I wonder if that could be an issue in Thailand. I'd also like to add that while I'm looking to develop my whole game and work on my weaknesses, I'm naturally a long range counter fighter and kicks have always been my best asset. I also have a kyokushin karate background. I've always been most comfortable keeping range and scoring on the back foot, no matter how hard my karate coaches have tried to change it, so I'm looking for a gym that would best suit my style.
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    • Thank you 🙂 I asked my coach too ( Ganyao Arunleung) and in his golden age fashion said it doesn't matter, it's the heart that matters 😄😂💖 I told him Muay Thai is the love of my life (just don't tell my husband 😉😄). I think I'll put the amulet on the rim right before the tail comes together. Or I'll wear it with a necklace and find another for the Mongkol.  It will all come together as meant to be at the right time 🤞🏻
    • I train at Pacific Ring Sports on Telegraph and 40th. What about you?
    • Amulets can go anywhere on the rim of the Mongkol, the only place I don't see them is on the tail. The hair can be put inside fabric and tied on to the Mongkol, or put in a fabric that gets integrated into the wrapping.  My mom's skirt was cut into long strips and twosted very tightly, then wrapped around the tube that's the shape of the Mongkol and glued into place.
    • This is so cool.  Where do you train? I leave on the Bay Area.  
    • Hello,  I made my own Mongkol as the gym I train at doesn't have a gym Mongkol to dress fighters with. I also bought an amulet that, long story short, feels like it was meant to be, but its bigger than I expected and covers my whole forehead ( not so much vanity concern, but more size ratio awkwardness) if placed in the front center of the Mongkol.   Is it allowed to place the amulet at the back or side of the Mongkol? Also I have some of my sons hair to put on my Mongkol,  but don't know where it's supposed to be placed as well if anyone knows.  Lastly, I saw Silvies YouTube on how she had her mom's skirt made into her monkol and it had a little axe amulet. I have a fabric I wore back when traveling, and now as a mom and muay thai fighter, I want to make it into a Mongkol for my son (whether he continues with the sport again the future or not, at least he would have a monkol made from his mom's fabric). Is there any way to see a tutorial on how they actually made the fabric Mongkol (it looked twisted in a certain way but I don't know how).  I have an arrow amulet I want to add on either my or my son's Mongkols, but again the sizing of it in comparison to the actual Mongkol seem uneven.  Anyways , any answers would be greatly appreciated.  
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