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Wrist strengthening techniques

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I visited a traditional family style lethwei gym and saw these wooden things. They weigh maybe 1 kilo each, look like wine bottles and you use them to strengthen your wrists as in the video. I've never seen this before and was curious if they are used in muay thai gyms as well? And also curious about other wrist strengthening techniques used. 

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Looks like an indian club! I think the idea is similar to light kettlebells, gives you a bit of resistance without too much"


On other wrist strengthening techniques, quality of sensible S&C differs wildly in muay thai gyms especially in Thailand, but I have seen something similar to that in Chinese martial arts like Shua Jiao:

Because it's a wrestling style, they build up their arms with stone locks which are similar I suppose to kettlebells


For less 'martial artsy' ways of training your wrists, the best and probably most direct approach is to use things like grippers and dumbbells. 

Hammer curls (at any weight) will target your forearms and wrist

You also have wrist curls which I'd only recommend doing with a light weight

Gennady Golovkin, who's possibly the hardest puncher in any sport p4p likes this:

He's got very strong hands (there are videos of him being able to hurt people's hand but squeezing) - and that strength in his wrist bulks up his already strong kinetic chain. As far as I'm aware he's never had a broken hand/wrist compared to some other fighters who always seem to have some sort of hand injury.

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I’ve seen something similar in Goju Ryu (Okinawan karate) 

I only got to yellow belt but I remember using this tool because how much it would condition my wrists (I’ve got weak wrists and this seemed to have helped. 


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This strengthening exercise can be achieved with a clenched fist or with 1- to 5-pound weights. You may do each palm at an equal time or one arm at a time. It depends on your bodily electricity. You could also use a small meal can or water bottle as a weight.

  • Sit is quite simple with your arm resting over your knees. keep a weight together with your arms going through down and your wrist putting over the knee.
  • pass your hand up as long way as feasible after which it down as far as feasible in a gradual and managed motion.
  • Do a hard and fast of 10, then repeat.
  • Repeat the workout, but with your hands facing up.
  • As soon as you may do 2 or three units easily, you could want to grow the weight you are using.
  • You can additionally do wrist curls with your arm in the air.
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