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  1. Okay, cool. I'll see if I can make it on the 16th and will follow up with her on FB, then to confirm details/venue etc :)
  2. Is there a place on this forum where you post your "upcoming fight schedule", Sylvie? I just got back to Chiang Mai and would be so stoked to see you fight live in your post 200-fights era :)
  3. What on Google Maps is close to the gym so I can track it down? Spent like an hour trying to find it on Google Maps #noluck
  4. BKK: Chacrit Muay Thai is a 2-minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS on Suk 39. Privates cost 800 baht per session or 6000 for 15 sessions. CM: Lanna is a solid deal @ 500 baht per private session. Though I really enjoyed training at Hongthong as well (I think it was 600 for "junior" trainers or 900 for Gen/Joe).
  5. 500 baht for Daeng is a steal. Super nice guy, too! Be prepared to work HARD :starwars:
  6. If you're able to commit to a certain length of time/frequency, "the cheapest private" cost I've found is @ Chacrit Muay Thai in Bangkok (6000 baht for 15 sessions which comes out to 400 baht/per). In fact, they ONLY do privates. It's kind of a unique situation as Muay Thai camps go, as you basically just show up and work with a trainer. They don't run classes. There are usually several trainers on hand and once you work with one, you're pretty sure to work with the same one as long as you let them know when you're coming next. Really good spot for a beginner for sure!!
  7. I trained at both Lanna & Hongthong (Jan/Feb 2017) and they are both a great fit for what you're looking for!! Plenty of clinching and sparring with Daeng @ Lanna and Gen @ Hongthong. Different bodies, different styles, different techniques. It's all good work :smile:
  8. :woot: :thanks: Heading to Chiang Rai in 2 or 3 months and was wondering how the Muay Thai situation would be... This is an absolute score of knowledge!! Thanks, New Thai & Kong. 400 baht for Lumphini champ level instruction??? #mindblown I was paying 900 in Chiang Mai to work with Gen Hongthong (probably my favorite trainer so far in terms of fight IQ and his sheer joy of teaching).
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