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  1. So my question is, is it better to buy gears in Bangkok or Pattaya? I heard Action Zone is pretty good in Bangkok, any other address in Bangkok or Pattaya that would be better than Action Zone? I need to buy quite a bit of gear that I'll send back to Canada so a place that have good choices, good prices and that will give me discount for buying a lot of gear at the same time?
  2. By get your ass kicked, I meant just been dominated. If on top you asked for people to go easy and they did not and it was not only one dude, then maybe the culture of that gym suck. As for being a girl, well I could not know but I often ask to go easy, especially the first few rounds, and I am usually the biggest man in the gym. I just enjoy more a technical, controlled sparring session over a sloppy slug fest although you do need to practice for these once in a while. Also, you don't need to spare on the first day, week, month. You spare when you feel ready for it. I often see newbies sparring and I wonder what exactly are they suppose to practice in sparring if they can throw a decent jab, you know?
  3. I don't think there is such a gym. I mean even pro mma gym like Tristar (seems like yours was also a mma gym) accept and teach to newbies. The too agressive type were probably middle ranger people happy to kick the shit out of someone for once or maybe it's just a bad gym. A good gym with a good head trainer won't let beginners get their ass kick for nothing. Nobody learns anything in these situation. When I spare with a newbie I basically only work on my defence and let them try to catch me. Also, one rule of thumb I follow is the closer to my house the gym is, the better it is. Helps to be steady if the gym is five minutes away for the days where you'll be tired, lazy or a bit beaten. Good luck and you're good enough for any gym :)
  4. Thank you everyone. Sound advices. Since I saw the video of Rambaa Somdet whipping the dude's ass I kind of want to go try a week with him now.... ahahah although he look like a real small man. But the quality of the technique over the size of the teacher sounds good But I think the advice of isolation is a good one. I think I might try Rambaa for a week and then heads up to Sitmonchai. Jeez, so many gym to choose from. Hard to make a choice. Especially from far away.
  5. I have the same problem. It happened to me maybe 4 or 5 times. I got x-rays, but it was never broken and its pretty rare anyways to broke upper ribs as they are really solid. It just happened to me a month a go. Getting better but I received a punch yesterday and it really hurt. I heard chiropractic really helps. Have not tried it. But bottom line, it's a condition I have to live with. I keep my hands a little lower than others because of that and catch kick with the opposite hand instead of letting the kick enter my ribs area. If you ever find a "cure" please let me know. Otherwise. good luck.
  6. I know I've asked before about gym, but my situation has changed and I will be going to Thailand for a month next summer alone. After reading Sylvie's list my two choices would probably be Sitmonchai Gym or Kem Muay Thai Gym. I have two main considerations: My size, 6'4" 240 lbs, I need a gym with foreigners even here in Canada I have difficulty finding sparring partners of my size so I can't imagine in Thailand. and Clinch. I want to learn a lot of clinch because in north america we don't, I least in the 3 gyms I've trained we did not do much. Because of the first criteria I am leaning towards Simonchai but Sylvie said they do not clinch much so I am hesitating. And Kem's gym seems awesome, they clinch a lot but I am afraid of lacking people with my size. Any advices or suggestions? I don't really care where it is or how much. It's just for a month and all I want to do is train. thank you
  7. I would think it is just because, regardless of security, the Olympics and sports in general are still very misogynistic. I can't see any other reason that, women are more fragile and that women with cuts and bruises is not feminine, is not okay. It is the same reasons, I believe, women in hockey are not allowed to hit and get hit. I remember watching the last winter Olympics women hockey games and not believing the commentators saying stuff like : "well they are going way too rough, they need to calm down, this is lack of sportsmanship, this is not elegant" and other BS like that. The exact same thing would have happened in men hockey and the commentator would have say: "well that a good clean hit, good intensity". Discouraging. As if women were not able to hit and get it in Hockey just as men do. Anyway, can't think of another reason.
  8. Hey there, The question is mostly for Sylvie but of course, anyone can participate. So something like a month ago, you did (Sylvie) a post fight facebook live ask-me-question session in your car after a fight. For a while the sound went off, and you talked a bit about the Muay Thai scene in France. I did not catch what you were saying. I guess you were referring to Best Of Siam events organized around Skarbowsky's gym both in France and in Thailand. I was wondering if you could elaborate on it a bit in terms of what you think of that group, style, influence both in the western world and in Thailand? Thanks
  9. Yeah, I agree, I kind of forgotten about it. But it is. Especially that as I remember the actor is not that bad for an non actor. I mean, I think it is the actual fighter that plays the character of the fighter.
  10. Just saw Muay Thai Chaya yesterday. Although it's more Muay Boran and i found that the style of the fights and fighters are a bit odd, I think it was pretty good and also included traditional and modern setting for the sport. Have you seen it?
  11. Thanks, Just an update, I guess we don't need to cover documentaries Emma Thomas, covered it fully on her blog. https://undertheropes.com/2014/07/08/muay-thai-documentaries-and-tv-shows-the-directory/
  12. Hey there so I have not watch a lot of Muay Thai movies since Ong Bak and I am kind of in the mood to watch some movies with Muay Thai practitioners. Can you list your top 5 or top 10? This can include documentaries, I have not seen much well done documentaries about Muay Thai, besides the one on the two girls. I guess I could with general martial arts movies or with boxing movies but besides the Ong Bak I can't make a list. Thanks.
  13. I train in Mtl. It's a boxing first and Muay Thai after gym. But we're top 3 in terms of local fighters in Mtl. There is only 4 classes a week of Muay Thai but I can go train on my own whenever I want. I pay 700$ a year. Gym's in Mtl are between 60$ to 120$ a month if you pay up-front for a year. But I would say there is only 4 decent gym's in Mtl.
  14. Yes, it's my third time with this kind of injury. I know that all in all it takes about a year to heal (when you're not a pro that has 40k to put in this). Usually, if I go progressively I can run 5km per day. But from what I read, it's more like 10km in the morning and 5km in the afternoon. That a lot of fucking running. Anyways, I'll see how I am as the year go by. Thanks.
  15. Thank you. Anyways, for sure I will try to do it and cope with it. I guess it would be different if I do it and then if I my knees can't handle it, talk with them about it, than just arriving saying I can't do it.
  16. But that's the thing, what if I want to fight? I mean I know this is in part a cultural thing, but there is some boxers and mma fighters that do not run and bike or swim instead.
  17. Thanks, Yeah the worse is not training. The pain I don't really care and it's not really painful anyway, but I am not able to extend my knee so there is no way I can train. Anyways, Thanks again and happy Aussie day on Thursday.
  18. To answer fully you question. It never felt better really. I mean, as far as I remember my knees always hurts. I was 6' at 12 years old. It's like wave. There is sometimes when they feel strong and sometimes when they hurt, can't seem to understand why.
  19. Well the surgery I had was in 1996 I am not even sure what I had because back in the day, there was a big transition in the health system and they fucked up everything. Basically it was more butchery than surgery. I have a 4inch scar on the knee. When I came out of surgery they told me to move my knee as much as possible and the week after they put a cast on my leg from ankle to the thigh for 2 months .... Anyway. my knees always hurt, they really are bad. Both of them. Thought it's not so bad when I boxe and kick, the take downs are where I hurt myself. So for now, I am waiting to see an orthopedic to know if I need surgery (I am in Canada, free health care but long health care). I can't train right now. Well I do cardio and upper body stuff but I can do power transfert so I can kick or boxe or clinch. Really sucks.
  20. - Heal my MCL partial tear and get back to the gym ASAP - Get the money for 3 months to a year in Thailand - Get under 200lbs in order to avoid the monster power punchers..... (that means losing 40lbs in a year which is very doable)
  21. I have the same exact worries. Thought it's not my meniscus but my MCLs that are the problem. From what I've heard, meniscus surgeries have good % of success and are not so long to heal (like 8 weeks). I just partially teared my MCLs for the third time (1996 and a month ago for the right knee and 2011 for the left). That one of the reason I had to postpone my training in Thailand to 2018. I got surgery in 1996 not in 2011 and waiting to know for this one. But anyways, even before I torn it again it was a concern for me. The biggest. Really I fear not the whole training in Thailand but I fear the 10km run of the morning and the 5k in the afternoon six times a week BIG TIME. This is a major concern for me as I heard you do not get the respect from the coaches if you do not do the running. So I second you question. I'll do 2 hours of bike if needed, but I know that I probably won't be able to do that amount of running on a regular basis for more than two or three weeks without seriously injured myself. Is there any way around it and still getting the respect of the coaches in Thailand?
  22. Thanks again. Actually, I've "decided" on Lana after talking to you on facebook (facebook name being Joseph Arthur de Gonzo). I think your advice of not booking in advance and trying two gyms before I take a final decision is very sensible so I think I'll do that.
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