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Gym reviews-


After spending a few weeks training in Thailand I thought this may come in handy for someone else.



The location of this gym is wonderful, just across the road from the beach, ( although a fisherman’s beach, so don’t expect to be sunbathing) there are plenty of places to eat, cheap and freshly caught fish / seafood, Thai food or steak among others.

The gym is also situated next to a massage parlour and a family mart, so everything you need is within easy walking distance


First impressions of Fighters wasn’t good, i booked 6 months in advance, and checked twice my room was confirmed.

When I arrive, no one knew I was coming!

The owner also runs a gym in Sweden ( which is where he was, who I’d book with ) and he hadn’t mentioned to anyone about my arrival, luckily one of the trainers was giving a 1-2-1, and he phoned someone who came down and showed me to a room

The ‘deluxe’ room id booked was quite simply a very small room with a fridge, wardrobe and single bed, plus sink, toilet and shower hidden behind a thin curtain, the lack of tv I found annoying but I could cope without, the lack of hot water and WiFi was very disappointing.

In my opinion especially when travelling alone, being able to use WiFi in my room and connect with family back home is important and partly why I’d choose certain hotels over others, WiFi did work in the gym cafe, but only if sat in certain seats, being 6 hours ahead of the uk and wanting to chat to people at home when they had finished work meant sitting on my own, in a dark corner almost on the pavement at 3am, not great

Everything is in one place, all the rooms, pool, gym, gym shop and cafe are on the same grounds. So training is a 5 step walk to get to, the gym consist of a small strength and conditioning area, plyo boxes, squat rack and kettle bells, then there’s two full size rings, and several heavy bags.

Training is twice daily 8am and 5pm, usually warm up of running and stretches, then shadow boxing, followed by rounds of pads, bag work and shadow boxing. The trainers are lovely ( if you miss a session, they will ask if you’re ok, and if you’re training next session )

As the group was fairly small, you get plenty of 1-1 time, and those willing to put the work in will be rewarded.

For 10 days accommodation and full training cost was 9500baht, a price you really can’t argue with, and there’s the opportunity to fight.

I found girls were treated equally, and there was a relaxed atmosphere and non ego gym

Would I go back- yes I would, in my opinion, if your serious about training and want a basic but friendly and relaxed place to train then this is the place!


Next I moved to Chalong, and as I wanted to do the touristy thing a bit I choose to do 1-2-1’s instead of camps or lessons, first up was the famous-


TIGER MUAY THAI or Muay Thai factory!

situated on Soi Tad-ied or fight street

It’s one long road with Muay Thai, Muay Thai and Muay Thai, throw in a few cafes, all healthy food, from protein shakes to vegan and pizza, a CrossFit Gym and a few shops, I felt like I’d died and gone to Muay Thai heaven!

The first thing you can’t help but notice is the size of Tiger, it’s the first gym on the street and huge. I booked a 1-2-1 for the following morning ( you buy a top up card for 200baht which is refunded when you return the card, and pay upfront, 700baht per hour) I checked out the shop and grill, before deciding to watch part of a lesson.

There were four to a bag, taking it in turns to 10 right kicks each, before the next person had there go. This went on for 20 minutes, one young man was nearly in tears, his foot was bright red and swollen and he was obviously kicking wrong, but 6 trainers stood together ‘working’ and not one picked up on this. I then got annoyed and went to move on, I sat out front waiting for a taxi, and within the 8-minute wait, 5 mini buses arrived dropping people off all due to train, ( at least in gym kit ) I counted over 40 people in a short space of time

The next day I went for my 1-2-1, my time was 10-11am, and I was excited to be training at such a famous place. I arrived a few minutes early as advised, and a trainer was sent down to meet me, he took me to the gym and played on his phone until 10.10, when he said ‘run’, I ran around the matts warming up, although I could of been doing anything as he seemed to forget all about me.

Then I began some shadow boxing while he checked my form, he continually said my form was 100%, which was strange as I’ve always struggled with my left kick.

Then on to pads, which I did really enjoy but hitting pads is my favourite, 3x3 minute rounds, before we started my training plan- which was me doing 30 standard sit ups, then 20 where he uses a pad to hit my stomach in between. That’s it, my hours 1-2-1 started at 10-10 and finished at 10.50. I’d just managed to take a quick photo of the two of us, before he tried to march me in the office to book more lessons with him, very awkward and uncomfortable when I’m in the office, in front of him, 3 other staff and 1 tourist and I’m having to say ‘I don’t want to book more, I just want to leave’

You book for tomorrow, same time, I teach you again

‘Err no I just want to go’

I’m not one to shout and make a fuss, hence not saying ‘it’s 10.10 get off your phone!’ So this was really out of my comfort zone.

Interestingly two days later, this same training ( named Boy ) drove past me, and asked why I hadn’t booked in and said he would give me a lift to the office now to book ) I just walked off

Over all impressions of Tiger are mixed, I didn’t have a great experience but that’s only one trainer, the size of the place, the classes they offer, they is always at least one lesson on, is fantastic, for anyone wishing to visit this famous gym or wanting a more western feel, this is the place, but in my opinion there are better gyms and trainers, I felt like with so many people using this gym, the trainers didn’t care, they know for everyone one of me, there will be 50 others ready to take my place, so I wouldn’t go back but I’m glad I experienced it



Situated on the other side of the road to tiger, and a minute or so walk away, is Dragon Muay Thai, the office is on the main road and the gym is hiding down a side street. The gym is shabby looking, the bags are almost thread bare in places, and the trainers shin pads were held together by tape, I can never figure out if this is good or bad, first impressions were what a dive, and also surely the equipment is dangerous? but it also shows it’s had plenty of use, and maybe the equipment becomes like a pair of old slippers and there too comfy to throw away?

First you pay 700baht and pick the time you want a 1-2-1, again I opted for 10-11, and was told to arrive a few minutes early to meet my trainer.

I was introduced to Pettrang, who asked my name, experience, where I’m from etc, at 10am he told me to start running, soon after we began to shadow box, then on to pads. He told me to do a left kick, then again and again, after three kicks he told me to point my toes backwards, and my knee more forward, and instantly my kicks felt better, ( I’ve always felt like the pads would split my shins when doing a left kick ) soon he has me doing spinning stuff, and superman punches, and 10 minute rounds! I thought I was going to die, he laughed and said ‘ but you only have 4 more rounds to go’

I made it to the end, where we stretched out, did some sit ups, and bowed out to each other, the lesson started a 10, and ended a few minutes past 11. Towards the end other people began to turn up for the lesson starting at 11, every single person

said hello or waved and made me feel like part of the team, even though we had never meet before. I’d loved this gym, and would highly recommend it, I honestly couldn’t wait to train here again, sadly what with wanting to do the touristy thing, the only free day I had was Sunday which the gym is closed, so I never got another lesson but I’m already planning next year


PHUKET TOP TEAM- situated at the other end of the road to Tiger, I had really high hopes for this gym, I follow the Gym and there fighters on social media, it’s on my bucket list and I was so excited.

Only to try and book a 1-2-1 and find out I had to be a member to train there.

They then wanted 700baht for the hour, plus 600baht membership, I explained I was only there for two more days and would only have time to train for the one hour ( I had day trip planned, and wanted to visit the temple, and sights etc ) but still they wanted to charge me almost double, so I said no thanks

Bit gutted, and maybe with hindsight I should of paid and experienced somewhere I’d always wanted to train? It it’s a hard choice when you feel like you’re being ripped off, it’s unfair

I also have 1-2-1 with trainer Gae and Attachai to come, so willpost those later

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I’m still here, due to fly to Bangkok tonight and train again on Tuesday, or maybe tomorrow if I can get to Yokkao for a lesson. Fingers crossed my left kick still feels stronger / better

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Sadly due to an incident with a scooter, the ground and my leg I never made it to training, ( I actually haven’t been able to train since, hoping to go back in the next couple of days )

Absolutely gutted as I was really looking forward to these, and so annoyed as I was too scared to hire a scooter as I thought I would crash, so I jump on the back of someone’s and a car comes round the corner, catches the front wheel and we both go flying!

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