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Hi you guys and girls,
for the ones of you with a heart for good causes could you please give my project some likes and shares and if possible some support???
I started the project in 2015 cause I wanted to do sth back for all the things Thailand has given me ;sports, great holidays,awesome people, delicious food etc. It got me back on the good track when I was at less good times.
I started a project to raise money in order to support a orphanage located in Lop Buri province Thailand. The place is called Baan Gerda (www.baangerda.org) and they take care of orphans who all are infected with HIV or AIDS. They make sure they are educated, get their meds in time and offer them a family to grow up in. Great place where they do an awesome job!
To raise money I did some Muay Thai demonstration and shows at Thai events in Belgium,we gave a seminar with Germaine De Randemie, organised Thai food-evening at our local Thai Temple but main income is the sale of T-shirts,shorts and hoodies.(which we send worldwide :-)  ;-)  )
All help or ideas to take action and make a difference are welcome.
The first year I got  about 3000€ together , last year  I was able to double the amount to 6200€ and this year I hope to have equal or more to give .  My next visit to the orphanage is planned for october so we have still 3 months to raise the money.
For the moment we're having a GIVE AWAY to thank all the people who supported us with great prices!!!!
Please take time to visit our facebookpage check our pictures and hit the like button, share and if your able support us <3 <3 <3
Thanks for your time

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To all the fellow Muay Thai lovers  with a big heart for Charity and good causes:
please be so kind to give our page a like,share and /or donation.
Still lots of cool items available  and a give away to enter.
This year(november) we head to Buriram to offer our help at the orphanage and support less benefitted gyms.
Visit : www.facebook.com/muaythai4orphans
Thank you

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