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Meenayothin camp

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I am going to Thailand and I'd like to train in a camp in Bangkok for one week. I have read some very good reviews regarding Meenayothin. Yet, as they were published few years ago, I am wondering whether they are still accurate.

Has anyone trained there?


Obviously, one week is really short and won't be enough to have a significant impact. Yet, I am looking for a camp where I could get a serious training (ie, I want to improve my technique, I don't want to try just for 'fun"), and in the meantime a camp with a nice atmosphere. On their Facebook page, it seems that trainers care about women. I hope it's true, and I would be grateful if anyone could share his/ her experience there.



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Howdy, I have never trained at this gym but the landlord of my apartment building - who also trains MMA - has trained there for many months now and has spoken highly of it. Usually gyms which feature women heavily in their social media are popular with middle-class women who take Muay Thai for fitness, which is actually very good in terms of being friendly to women. But it might mean it's not heavy on technique or correction. In that case, however, you can always ask for more correction. Usually trainers are happy to help.

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Well, I guess it's better to be late than to do nothing, so I'd like my experience in that camp.

I went there about 1.5 years ago for one week, so there might have been some changes now.


Morning running started at 5.30 am and lasted till 7am. The journey is quite simple, we were jogging altogether (though at a slightly different pace) in the university's compound (so no street dogs!).

Then we come back at the gym, wrapp our hands and do shadow boxing (as long as you want- no one will tell you to stop).

Then, some do pad works with the trainers (if I remember well it was 3x3’/4’) while other are on the bags.

Sometimes they call you for clinching or sparring (either muay Thai or western boxing) but it happened only few times for me. And then you do some abs alone (though sometimes they did some collective training)

Training ends at 9am, then you have time to take a shower and eat breakfast at the gym.

The afternoon training started at 3.30pm and lasted till 6pm. Again, dinner is served afterwards.

Quite the same routine as the morning.


The gym is conveniently located near Bang Kheng train station, on the line to Don Muang airport. It's a very quiet area, mostly hosting residences. There is a 7/11 nearby, and if you walk like 20min you could find many shops, a market etc.

It has one ring, some sandbags which seem to be made of concrete (they were definitely the hardest I have ever hit, so don't use 8oz gloves otherwise you will destroy your hands).

Many mosquitoes at night.



There were two muay Thai trainers, rather short, plus a western boxing coach, who mainly trains the champ’. They gave me some tips while doing pad work, and sometimes while I was on the bag. But their English was basic.

The “timekeeper” (yeah, they did it the old style) was also looking at me and trying to explain me some techniques.

It was definitely a gym for fighters. They train a lot of Thais, kids and adults alike. However as you said they also welcome drop ins, and some women trained there on the afternoons. But again, don't expect fitness classes like in Europe, here you will mostly sweat on the ring but when you are done no one will be pushing you on the bags.


By the time I was there (very beginning of January), there were some foreigners. Actually a french gym is partnering with them, so they send students (I guess mostly during summer and winter holidays). Yet we didn't talk that much during lunch (maybe because the gym had WiFi so everybody was on the phone!). We ate on a table, separately from the Thais that were eating on the mats. Yet a French asked to eat with them, so we could join them.

Trainers and staffs were really nice and helpful. They gave bottle of drinking water at the beginning of each session, and really want you to eat with the others. They also dropped me at the airport for free at the end of my stay.


By the time I was there, I was alone in my 2-beds room, located in a condo at a 5min walk from the gym. There was AC, a small balcony, a fridge and a desk, and a bathroom. My bed was ok but the other one was really hard. There was no WiFi in the room (so it was a good digital break).


This is undoubtedly one of their strength. Food was really good, diverse and it was almost an all you-can-eat buffet! We always had a soup, rice, and many curries (dish, chicken, or omelette, etc.) and they replenished the table. So I never felt hungry here, not did I fell sick.


I liked my experience here. It was nice to have this authentic experience. Indeed, as I was training for only one week I didn't expect much improvement of my technique, so the lack of heavy focus on clinching and basic movements was not that bothering for me. Hence, I recommend this gym particularly for fighters, or for people seeking to have an authentic experience.


I thinks it's all I can say about this gym. If you have any questions I'll be glad to try remembering more!

I just came back from very few days of training at Luktupfah (Bangkok) and I'd like to share my experience.

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