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  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for the recommendation, I did a bit of looking into it and he seems like a really good teacher! Can't argue with a recommendation so I'll give it a go later in this year
  2. Hi everyone Not posted here before but had a read and there are some great topics. I just wanted to post looking for gym recommendations that concentrate more on teaching and development. I've been training martial arts at a good level for over 10 years and been training in Amsterdam several times which has been a good experience. I was looking at going to Thailand either later this year or next year to train for a month. I was wondering if anyone has experience with any gyms that concentrate more on technique or teaching in general? I pretty much want to train as much as I can and get as good as possible and keen to privates too. Not too bothered on where I end up but was thinking Bangkok as there are just more gyms there. The only thing that made me apprehensive is that I've known lots of people go to Thailand for quite long periods and not really come back any better. Thanks
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