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Comprehensive Muay Technique in Thai

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Hi all,

I am studying Boran and with that, I am learning all the technique in Thai. However, I've found a lot of discrepancies in spelling. For example, I learned elbow to be "Sawk" but I've seen also spelled "Sok". Another example is Mahdt Throng, I have seen it spell many other ways as well. Is there an "official" name for the list of the technique names? The Mae Mai 15 names and their translation seem pretty on par everywhere I've search.

Thanks in advance!


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There is no direct transliteration betweeb the Thai and English languages. ด can sound like "d" but it can also sound like "t" depending on where it falls in the word. There will be many spelling variations online of different words/phrases.

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wikipedia has a nice collection of terms:


  Thai Romanization IPA Jab หมัดหน้า/หมัดแย็บ Mat na/Mat yaep  [màt nâ] Cross หมัดตรง Mat trong  [màt troŋ] Hook หมัดเหวี่ยงสั้น Mat wiang san  [màt wìəŋ sân] Overhand (boxing) หมัดเหวี่ยงยาว Mat wiang yao  [màt wìəŋ jaːw] Spinning Backfist หมัดเหวี่ยงกลับ Mat wiang klap  [màt wìəŋ klàp] Uppercut หมัดเสย/หมัดสอยดาว Mat soei/Mat soi dao  [màt sɤ̌j],  [màt sɔ̌j daːw] Superman punch กระโดดชก Kradot chok  [kradòːt tɕʰók]



  Thai Romanization IPA Elbow Slash ศอกตี (ศอกสับ) Sok ti  [sɔ̀ːk tiː] Horizontal Elbow ศอกตัด Sok tat  [sɔ̀ːk tàt] Uppercut Elbow ศอกงัด Sok ngat  [sɔ̀ːk ŋát] Forward Elbow Thrust ศอกพุ่ง Sok phung  [sɔ̀ːk pʰûŋ] Reverse Horizontal Elbow ศอกเหวี่ยงกลับ (ศอกกระทุ้ง) Sok wiang klap  [sɔ̀ːk wìəŋ klàp] Spinning Elbow ศอกกลับ Sok klap  [sɔ̀ːk klàp] Double Elbow Chop ศอกกลับคู่ Sok klap khu  [sɔ̀ːk klàp kʰûː] Mid-Air Elbow Strike กระโดดศอก Kradot sok  [kradòːt sɔ̀ːk]



  Thai Romanization IPA Straight Kick เตะตรง Te trong  [tèʔ troŋ] Roundhouse Kick เตะตัด Te tat  [tèʔ tàt] Diagonal Kick เตะเฉียง Te chiang  [tèʔ tɕʰǐəŋ] Half-Shin, Half-Knee Kick เตะครึ่งแข้งครึ่งเข่า Te khrueng khaeng khrueng khao  [tèʔ kʰrɯ̂ŋ kʰɛ̂ŋ kʰrɯ̂ŋ kʰàw] Reverse Roundhouse Kick เตะกลับหลัง Te klap lang  [tèʔ klàp lǎŋ] Down Roundhouse Kick เตะกด Te kot  [tèʔ kòt] Axe Heel Kick เตะเข่า Te khao  [tèʔ kʰàw] Jump Kick กระโดดเตะ Kradot te  [kradòːt tèʔ] Step-Up Kick เขยิบเตะ Khayoep te  [kʰa.jɤ̀p tèʔ]



  Thai Romanization IPA Straight Knee Strike เข่าตรง Khao trong  [kʰàw troŋ] Diagonal Knee Strike เข่าเฉียง Khao chiang  [kʰàw tɕʰǐəŋ] Curving Knee Strike เข่าโค้ง Khao khong  [kʰàw kʰóːŋ] Horizontal Knee Strike เข่าตัด Khao tat  [kʰàw tàt] Knee Slap เข่าตบ Khao top  [kʰàw tòp] Knee Bomb เข่ายาว Khao yao  [kʰàw jaːw] Flying Knee เข่าลอย Khao loi  [kʰàw lɔːj] Step-Up Knee Strike เข่าเหยียบ Khao yiap  [kʰàw jìəp]



  Thai Romanization IPA Straight Foot-Thrust ถีบตรง Thip trong  [tʰìːp troŋ] Sideways Foot-Thrust ถีบข้าง Thip khang  [tʰìːp kʰâːŋ] Reverse Foot-Thrust ถีบกลับหลัง Thip klap lang  [tʰìːp klàp lǎŋ] Slapping Foot-Thrust ถีบตบ Thip top  [tʰìːp tòp] Jumping Foot-Thrust กระโดดถีบ Kradot thip  [kradòːt tʰìːp]


These are probably best seen not as official titles of moves, so much as just plain descriptions.

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    • Hello @Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu and @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu I was receiving the newsletter by being subscribed to it, but for some reason I stopped receiving it and now I can't find it.  Is that normal? I thought you had stop it, but I heard in one of your last podcast that you were still doing it, where can I subscribe again?
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