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I just discovered this new blog the other day. You, Me and MMA https://youmeandmma.wordpress.com/

YouMeAndMMA is a blog by the husband of Cubicle to The Cage (Canadian reality television) cast member and aspiring mixed martial arts fighter Nickie Cleroux. Follow Nickie's journey (from Ron's perspective) as she prepares for her first mixed martial arts bout.

Thought it would be interesting to follow a female fighter's journey from her partner's perspective.

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It's cool! I hope he will write more. I still can't belive there are such loving and unselfish husbands out there in the world like him, as well as Sylvie's Kevin!

Kevin is pretty unbelievable. I hear from women whose husbands or partners aren't really supportive so much as tolerant, and then sometimes not even that and it breaks my heart. It breaks their hearts, too, really. That reality helps me to not only understand but appreciate why so many women are married to their coaches or managers or trainers, someone whose job as both partner and their actual job is to advocate for their wife.

It's very cool to see this guy be so in awe of his wife and her commitment, and to be taking on the caregiver role to support her!

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