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Hi everyone! I’m going to be in Bangkok for the month of April. I am defiantly going to try out FA Group. Does anyone know of the training quality since the head trainer left? But I wanted to jump around for the first week or two. Was planning on going to Tded99 as well. Any other gyms that are geared toward fighters but also accepting of foreigners in Bangkok? Thanks everyone. I’m 5 7 in height and 160lbs but want to get down to 145. I have done western boxing for almost 20 years now (I’m 35) and competed in golden gloves and also have coached. But I want a new challenge and love Muay Thai. I have only done it a little though so hoping a month in Thailand will help me improve a lot. Thanks again!!!

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On 12/5/2022 at 9:37 PM, timmothysmith01 said:

Fitfac Muaythai Ekamai is the best gym in Bangkok

Could you elaborate on why you feel this way? Fitfac is a regular gym that happens to offer small boxercise type Muay Thai classes is it not? I haven't trained there so I may be mistaken here, but that definitely would not be on my list of first choices in Bangkok lol.

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If you want to do some boxing in addition to Muay Thai, Sasakul Gym is great. It's also just a short dostance from both Samart Payakaroon Gym and Chor Payak Gym, all North of Bangkok in the Lam Luk Ka area. Chor HaPayak has fighters frequently on Channel 8, Omnoi, Petchyindee and I don't know if foreigners regularly train there but they are welcome.

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