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Google Translate search terms for use with training

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I have a private session coming up with the gym's Thai trainer. There are a few things I'd like to cover: rhythm, timing, and seeing openings. My plan is to search for terms on Google Translate and show him, I think that'll work better than me trying to pronounce words and then not being sure he understands. What words should I plug into Google Translate so I get the proper Thai words?

I know rhythm is the right English word since the translation is the same as what I've heard from Sylvie:


What about timing? And seeing openings for strikes?

Related but not exactly the same topic:

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I got the following from a Thai language learning group. Thai script is what they suggested, Romanisation and English are from Google Translate.

Cạb cạngh̄wa
catch the beat

Dū cạngh̄wa h̄ı̂ dī
watch the rhythm carefully

Cạb cạngh̄wa h̄ı̂ dī
catch the beat well

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