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All the Great Things That Are Available to Patrons

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This is the outgoing message that I send to all my patrons when they join. It describes all the different and many things you get access to when you become a patron, including the Library, documentary projects, Technique Vlogs, interviews, and much more.

Glad to have you a part of my Patreon project. You are not only providing support for my full time training and fighting as I push to incredible, impossible goals including one day achieving a world record “most fights ever” 471 documented pro fights, a record which has stood since boxer Len Wickwar established it in 1947  (link: https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-thailand/fights-ever-chasing-len-wickwar-untouchable-record ), you are also buoying the 8limbsus.com blog home to over 1,000 articles I’ve written so far, and its newly designed Muay Thai forum (link: https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-forum/ ) where in-depth discussions can be had, and the second Sylvie Study site (link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/ ) which contains the most in depth video study of Thai legends ever. Not only this.

A Great Way To Follow The Library: Instagram

We’ve got a great Instagram account that’s just for Muay Thai Library clips, news and history about the Legends, and basically a way to navigate the Library as it’s become so big now that many people aren’t sure where to start. You can see a clip from a session and then go watch the full hour in the Muay Thai Library. Be sure to follow that account for clips, stories, history, etc. https://www.instagram.com/themuaythailibrary/

The Muay Thai Library Table of Contents

Importantly you are a part of the Muay Thai Library project (link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/muay-thai-join-7058199 ), which is the attempt to document the Muay Thai of over 250 krus and ex-fighters in Thailand, helping preserve that knowledge for future generations. The Library is constantly growing with more than one long form video added each month, so the easiest way to navigate it is through the Muay Thai Library page, which is like a Table of Contents: https://www.patreon.com/posts/muay-thai-uncut-7058199 where all the videos are listed with a brief description. You are funding all of these projects, and me as a fighter and a writer, and I do my best to bring you higher and higher quality content all the time.

Finding Your Way Around the Muay Thai Library

There are already over 160 hours of commentary video there, so even that contents list can be a little intimidating. 
We’ve created this in depth video as an introduction to the Muay Thai Library, along with our recommendations to what we think are the 10 Best Muay Thai Library sessions so far. Check it out: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54714010

The Library contains some of the most incredible instruction ever documented, so even though it is a large and intimidating archive it is worth taking the time to learn how to sort through it. You could spend a year studying a video a week and you would not run out of irreplaceable material. And individual sessions are worth multiple rewatches, as these include some of the greatest fighters and krus Thailand has ever seen. People support the Library for a variety of reasons. Some out of respect for the Golden Age of Muay Thai, and enjoy learning about and seeing great fighters and techniques of the past. Some people are students who are looking for authentic Thai techniques, taught in the context of real fighting styles (and not in demos). And some who have trained in Thailand and do not find themselves here feel transported back to the land and art that they love through these videos. But, whatever your reasons, it’s good to find ways to get into the sessions. 


If you are new to the Library this post is a great place to start. It contains an hour discussion by Kevin and myself on our favorite don't-miss sessions as well as helpful material on navigating the Muay Thai Library and finding the best things to study.

So aside from our intro video (link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54714010 ) shortcuts into exploring the material of the Library can be found on the post page (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts ). There you will find ways to filter the material by type. 

If you are a more of a beginner you can watch instructionals with top fighters that are The Basics (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?tag=MTL%3A The Basics ). If you are a Knee Fighter, you can watch videos that focus more on knee and clinch fighting under the Muay Khao filter (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?tag=MTL%3A Muay Khao ) (an area of fighting that is under-documented). If you want to focus on sessions in particular with Legends of the sport, go to the Legends tab (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?tag=MTL%3A Legends Only ) and you’ll see sessions with some of the greatest fighters ever, many of which have never been filmed in this way. If you are Southpaw, you can find sessions that are Southpaw oriented (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?tag=MTL%3A Southpaw ) These are just a few examples, so check out all the filters. 

Also. A great way to hop around in the Muay Thai Library is to watch our sessions which document all the Fighters of the Year, thus far. These are fighters which dominated specific years in the history of the sport and attained special recognition:


You can always find these listed separately in the Table of Contents (which should be your touchstone), but we'll list them here too:

The 16 Fighters of the Year in the Library:

Yodwicha  (2012): #10 The Clinch Techniques of Yodwicha - Session 2 (34 min) watch it here and #4 Yodwicha - Clinch and Muay Khao (Knee) Specialist (35 min) - watch it here and #99 Yodwicha Por Boonsit 3 - Spearing the Middle, Fighting With Rhythm (66 min) watch it here

Singdam  (2002):  #22 Singdam Kiatmoo9 - Making the Basics Beautiful (71 min) watch it here

Namsaknoi (1996):  #65 Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn - Sharking The Angles (67 min) watch it here  and  #73  Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn 2 - Overcoming Distance (61 min) watch it here

Wangchannoi (1993):  #93 Wangchannoi Palangchai - Deadly Step Counter Fighting (70 min) - watch it here  and #95 Wangchannoi Sor. Palangchai #2 - The Secret Powers of a Cool Heart (77 min) watch it here

Jaroensap (1992): #91 Jaroensap Kiatbanchong - Silky Power (63 min) watch it here

Samson (1991):  #41  Samson Isaan 1 - The Art of Dern Fighting (64 min) watch it here  and   Samson Isaan 2 - Muay Khao & Western Boxing Excellence (59 min) watch it here  and #116 Samson Isaan 3 - Dern Pressure Fighting & Defense (44 min) watch it here #123 Samson Isaan 4 - Secrets Of His Pressure Fighting (122 min) watch it here

Kaensak (1989, 1990):  #24 Kaensak Sor. Ploenjit - Explosive Defense (55 min) watch it here

Samart (1981, 1983, 1988):  #34 Samart Payakaroon - Balance, Balance, Balance! (81 min) watch it here

Langsuan (1987):  #45 Langsuan Panyutapum - Monster Muay Khao Training (66 min) watch it here

Panomtuanlek (1986): #131 Panomtuanlek Hapalang - The Secret of Tidal Knees (100 min) watch it here

Chamuakphet (1985):  #49 Chamuakpet Hapalang - Devastating Knee in Combination (66 min) watch it here  #81  Chamuakpet Hapalang 2 - Muay Khao Internal Attacks (65 min) watch it here

Kongtoranee (1978, 1984):  #37 Kongtoranee Payakaroon - Power In The Hands (89 min) watch it here

Dieselnoi (1982):  #48 Dieselnoi Chor. Thanasukarn - Jam Session (80 min) watch it here  AND  #30 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn 2 - Muay Khao Craft  (42 min) watch it here  AND  #3 Dieselnoi  Chor Thanasukarn  - The King of Knees (54 min) - watch it here #76 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn 4 - How to Fight Tall (69 min) watch it here

Padejseuk (1979): Padejseuk Pitsanurachan - Old School Greatness (67 min) watch it here

Pudpadnoi (1975) - Pudpadnoi Worawut - The Basics from the Legend (72 min) watch it here

Sirimongkol (1972):  #54 The Late Sirimongkol and Lertrit Master General Tunwakom (81 min) watch it here


It’s Not Only the Library

This patreon is incredibly large. I don’t really know any other patreon dedicated so much to fighting arts that is even close to it, and I’m always doing my best to expand what patrons get. So, aside from the Library videos I'm also writing exclusive articles for patrons, posting my fight video commentaries, creating Muay Thai burnouts conducting translated interviews with legends of the sport, and producing a Kai Muay Diaries series on the Thais and life at my gym in Pattaya. You can see a Table of Contents of this additional Patreon Only content here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/16559053 . I’m constantly adding to this.

Get more with the App

I’d also suggest that you download the Patreon mobile app. This is a very easy way to read through and watch the material. Not only are you alerted to newly published sessions, legends are now at your fingertips. You can be on the subway or be waiting for the doctor and just scroll through and watch all time greats like Dieselnoi or Samart teach Muay Thai, or you can read my latest Muay Thai article. I also update on the app on my day as a fighter in short 15 second videos (24 hrs snapchat style) giving a window into what it’s like being me in Thailand. You can download the app here:  blog.patreon.com/lens 

The Patreon Forum

With the help of patrons I’ve been able to establish and maintain an online forum, where all sorts of Muay Thai questions and subjects can be discussed and answered. You can find the forum here: Muay Thai Roundtable: 
Within that forum there is a Patreon Muay Thai Library sub-forum where we can talk about particular sessions, or krus and legends archived in the Library:
https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-forum/forum/18-patreon-muay-thai-library-conversations/ (where you are right now!)
It’s very easy to join the forum, you can quickly do it with your email, or even with Facebook. As patrons, I’d love to see you there.

The Roundtable Muay Thai Forum even has a one of a kind women only section where women who are passionate about the sport can talk about their experiences in ways they might not in mixed gender spaces:
This is a one of a kind digital space that is only made possible through patron support.

Lastly, even though the Muay Thai Library is an incredible documentary project, full of videos you can watch and study over and over again, it gave rise to an even bigger project, the Sylvie Study Intensive, which you can find over at sylviestudy.com. This is the same kind of idea as the Muay Thai Library, but instead of single sessions with a legend, it’s up to 30 or more sessions with a single legend, allowing you to watch an entire style being taught, in serious depth. Currently the great champion Karuhat has been documented in over 24 hours of commentary video (33 sessions will be ultimately published), and Yodkhunpon, the Elbow Hunter, being added. These are the most detailed documentation of martial and fighting arts ever made. And the legends get 100% of the net profits from these videos with are all on Vimeo On Demand. You can find and subscribe or rent/purchase any of these sessions  (link:

So, you can read up on all those intensive sessions on sylvie study (link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/ ), read breakdown and training vlog, and watch lots of free video (link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/type/video/ ) excerpts from them. Sylvie Study is kind of a sister site to this Patreon, and outgrowth of the mission to document Thai techniques in depth, and to open discussion about them. Here’s a cool of example of the kind of content you’ll find over there, my vlog on the Principle of Continuity as I discovered by training with Karuhat:

You can subscribe for free to the Sylvie Study Intensive here (link: https://8limbs.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=ff6c8949c1c59e44f9e57a9e8&id=81cf1bec4c )  and not miss any of those in-depth posts. Examples of the kinds of posts you’ll get are this Yodkhunpon post on developing (link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/that-gallop-episode-22-yodkhunpon-intensive-day-1-64-min/sylvie/ ) elbow fighting techniques, or my husband’s breakdown of the internal games from Southpaw found in Karuhat’s style. Secrets of Karuhat’s Style (link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/the-secrets-of-karuhats-style-four-internal-games-from-southpaw/kevin/ ).

And That Is Not All - podcasts

The conversation about Muay Thai is so rich Kevin and I have started the Muay Thai Bones Podcast, recorded on our very long drives across Thailand. We discuss everything under the sun about Muay Thai in all the detail we can muster, you basically get to go on road trip with us. We put our Muay Thai Bones podcasts up on YouTube so everyone can enjoy them, you can find my Playlist of those here:

But, as patrons you have access to the Apple or Android audio version of Muay Thai Bones. You can find out how to access those episodes here:

These are completely epic podcasts, sometimes more than 3 hours long, and patrons have absolutely been loving them. I hope you enjoy them too!

We’ve also added podcast versions of new Muay Thai Library sessions, so you can listen to the commentary and our post filming conversations on deep lessons in the session.

In any case, thank you for your monthly support. You are making this incredible project and all these channels possible, and I’m doing my best to keep bringing you the video and articles that enrich your love of Muay Thai. We are doing this together. I’m always happy to hear from my patrons, so be free to share any of your Patreon Muay Thai Library thoughts and experiences on my Community Page (link: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/community )  If you find a session you really love write about it there, or any thoughts about what would make this Patreon even better!

Where You Can Find Me

If you’d like to keep up with me and all that I’m doing:

A shorthand link to all my links is here:

Individually you can see them here:

My main Muay Thai FB Page 
all my updates thoughts, and shares 
(link: https://web.facebook.com/pg/sylviemuaythai/posts/ )

Muay Thai Techniques - Preserve The Legacy FB Page - focuses on Thai techniques and the history of Muay Thai 
(link: https://www.facebook.com/preservethelegacy/ )

My YouTube Channel over 12 million views  
(link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFe05f-DrPpaunE4Gaz3cQ )

Sylvie on Twitter

Follow me on Instagram
(link: https://www.instagram.com/sylviemuay/ )

And importantly, follow the Muay Thai Library on Instagram here:

Follow my husband’s photography at Muaynoir.com  (prints are available for sale, profits benefit the Legends and Krus) and at https://www.behance.net/muaynoir

https://8limbsus.com/ - my Muay Thai blog with over 1,000 articles already published and more always in the works

The Roundtable Muay Thai Forum - 8limbsus.com - where longer forum discussion can be had with like-minded people, and all your questions answered. (You're on it)
(link: http://8limbs.us/muay-thai-forum/ )

Sylvie Study Intensive website - sylviestudy.com - really in-depth discussion and video documentation of some of the greatest fighters who ever fought. Subscribe here.
(link: http://www.sylviestudy.com/ )
(link: https://8limbs.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=ff6c8949c1c59e44f9e57a9e8&id=81cf1bec4c )

Vimeo On Demand - Sylvie Study Intensive - where you can subscribe to, rent or buy Sylvie Study Intensive videos in the series.

Follow me on Reddit 
(link: https://www.reddit.com/user/sylviemuay )

Muay Thai Bones Podcast:
https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?tag=Muay Thai Bones


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