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Impression of Dutch Muay Thai

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Long time martial arts practioner/teacher (karate/jujutsu/mma/kickboxing)


Health club cancelled my program about 4 years ago so I said "I quit teaching" and enrolled at my friends gym.


He calls what he does Dutch muay thai and I assumed that meant the style of muay thai done by the Dutch.


I had occasion to train at a gym recently who had to say "Dutch" muay thai is a sloppy perversion of Thai muay thai and cannot be considered "real" muay thai.


You all are practitioners of what I understand to be muay thai from Thailand so I've got to ask what are your views on Dutch muay thai:


Garbage done by the Dutch


I don't care what it's called, if they hit me good for them if I stop them and hit them better for me.


I have a thick skin so I won't be insulted by anyone calling it garbage.


I like my friend's gym, his coaching style, the people training with me and I'm learning stuff.   He could call it Combat Ballet for all I care.

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I love dutch kickboxing and muay thai. I think these days a lot techniques are mixed together. Both have unique techniques which are useful. Maybe kickboxing cant be called muay thai cuz it doesnt have the elbows/knees and clinch. But I'd say if you enjoy training at your gym then keep training and watch a lot of thai vids too to keep your clinch skills high. Also lots of elbow and knee sparring. 

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