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Fighters in the Muay Thai Library Who Are Short, or Fight Up a Lot - A Short Man's Style

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A question on Reddit had me compiling a list of fighters or krus in the Muay Thai Library that had a shorter man's style. Here is a preliminary list for everyone:

In the Muay Thai Library these are shorter fighters who fought taller opponents, or krus that taught a short man's style. Many of these are legends of the sport. Many of these are pressuring Muay Maat (punch-heavy) fighters. As a shorter fighter it is often advantageous to collapse the pocket, sometimes develop a low kick game:


You'll see in a lot of these fighters they use a lot of weapons, attacking high and low, and try not to stand at distance. A good place to start might be someone like Kongsamut, or if more advanced, someone like Chamuakphet.
and tons of Karuhat links here. He fought way up, though he is a very difficult fighter to emulate:
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