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i plan to train in thailand - what is the pricing like? where should I stay?

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i meant where to sleep for a whole month and what's the pricing , when you told me 10000 baht i was shocked lol that soo expersive per month i read that sasakul gym is 5000 baht per month hope that true but its still expensive 


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On 2/13/2021 at 6:06 AM, hachem said:

 when you told me 10000 baht i was shocked lol that soo expersive per month i read that sasakul gym is 5000 baht per month hope that true but its still expensive 


The training in Thailand is not "cheap" but you have to take into account that it's not the same type of training you get elsewhere. You won't hold any pads for other student there. Gym prices can vary, but in the end, it is usually the bulk (with accommodation) of your expenses. But 10,000 baht for a month, that's 48 session of roughly 2hours including 20 to 40 minutes of technical padwork and clinching and sparring (usually) with former elite fighters. Personnally, I went two times for a little over a month each time and I thougth it was really worth it. Also, if you're a small guy, you're high level, you're there for a while and you want to fight, some gym will train you for free in exchange of your purse or part of it (and that you fight under their names).

Now, where I thought it usually was not worth it, was for the accommodations rented by the gym. I usually rented outside the gym. Finding a place nearby at half the price. But in the end, going to Thailand for Muay Thai is an investment in your Muay, in your passion and in yourself, but It's not super cheap as some people suggest. Some tips or thoughts:

1- Don't book in advance. For gym, there is not point. For accommodations, the best is to book for one night or two, and negotiate for the rest or it will give you time to find another place. 

2- Find the water distributors by osmosis. They are everywhere and safe. I mean it's not much but it adds up.

3- Go to supermarkets (Like Big C or whatnot) and produce market instead of the 7 eleven. 

4- Go for street food instead of inside restaurant. Sometimes a tenth of the price for roughly the same thing. 

5- Use Grab for taxi and rides

6- 12go asia for travel within Thailand. 

7- Negotiate your price, but don't push it too far, Thais are really nice and they'll sell you something basically without profit. If once you bought whatever it is you bought and as you leave the vendors is not smilling, you pushed too far. They don't play the angry game in negociation like they do in the Middle East for instance. 

8 - Renting a scooter is absolutly worth it. Price can vary a lot and make sure you take picture of the bike. 

9- Also, depending where you are, the difference between buying stuff in a touristic area and a Thai residential area is huge. Specially in Bangkok. 

In the end, you're there as a tourist. You bring money, you get Thailand. It's easy to get kind of obsess by saving money risking having less fun, but more importantly, risking being a bit of an a-hole to Thais and other travelers. If you're too short, just wait a little until you can go. And personnaly, I would say, don't go for less than a month unless you're like Australian and it's basically a 4 hours flight or something. 

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