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Clinch Video Resources in the Muay Thai Library and Beyond

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Clinch is one of the hardest things to learn, both in and out of Thailand. In Thailand it's hard because it often doesn't involve lots of instruction. You get thrown in the water in long clinch sessions and you learn by experience and by watching. Outside of Thailand it can be even more difficult because you generally are not surrounded by high level clinch technique, so its hard to improve from basics. In any case the Muay Thai Library project can help because in many of the sessions a great variety of clinch techniques are shown. Just watching the videos can give you idea for positions or principles to try in your own training, and break you out of whatever you are already practicing. One of the best things about clinch in Thailand is how varied it is.

Clinch in the Muay Thai Library

You can find all the clinch-oriented sessions of the Muay Thai Library, or sessions that have some substantive clinch (you may have to skip around in the session), in this tag. Just scroll down and you'll find over 30 documented hours. What you'll see is that there is so much to learn from Thailand's clinch that isn't usually taught. You are learning from legends of the sport, and from great krus, and seeing how clinch fits together with various Muay Thai fighting styles. This kind of documentation is incredibly valuable: 

Clinch in the Muay Thai Library



Muay Thai Clinch Playlist

Also, I've made a YouTube Playlist of all the (free, public) videos covering clinch that I've done over the years. There are over 50 videos there that anyone can browse and learn from: watch the playlist here


watch the clinch playlist here


Muay Thai Clinch Basics


If you are just starting out, or are experienced and would like to review basics, the above 1 hour seminar is my version of an introduction to clinch, from what I've learned, given to the team out of the SMAC gym. People really love it, and its free for everyone. 


Going beyond clinch

You might also like to study my technique vlogs in the Library. Below is a list of those published up to this point in time. They share thoughts about techniques that I've learned from the Library itself, as I filmed it, and which I work on as a fighter. They can give ideas on how to approach techniques, aside from just trying to copy them:

All my Technique Vlogs for Patrons

If you enjoyed this technique vlog check out my other Patron-only technique vlogs:

#21 Your Ambient Footwork (15 min) 

#20 Jang-wa, Rhythm and Timing (15 min)

#19  Training Ruup & Composure  (13 min)

#18   Closing the Door in Long Guar (11 min) 

#17  Static Block for Balance (9 min)

#16 The Diamond Guard (20 min)

#15 Mental Gym, Beginning to Advanced Visualization (19 min)

#14 Getting the Right Hand In (13 min)

#13 Rising on Techniques (6 min)

#12 Control of the Kick (6 min)

#11 Body Position First (11 min)

#10 All About How I Recover (12 min)

#9 Creating Power and Distance At Close Range (9 min)

#8 Where Are Your Feet? Foot Position (9 min)

#7 Evolving in the Long Guard (10 min)  

#6 The Power of Eye Contact (10 min) 

#5 Dieselnoi's Lowkick in the Clinch (12 min) 

#4 Air Knees in the Corner (8 min) 

#3 Acceleration at the End of Strikes (10 min)

#2 The Kem Pivot (12 min) 

#1 Dealing With Fear, How to Cut it Out (13 min)

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