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Barber Shops in Bangkok?

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Seems like they've just been allowed to recently reopen. Starting to look homeless right now, so anybody know of a nice one in Bangkok? Don't mind paying a bit more, not just the places that do 1 grade all over.

Thaaaaaanks 😁

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Where abouts in Bangkok are you staying? If you're anywhere near Khao San area, there's one on Ram Buttri which I've been to a few times over the years, they always do a nice job. Looking on Google maps it's near Max's magic Thai food, and looking on streetview the place is called Ariya hair cut.

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Hey, the forum doesn't seem active anymore but figured why not bump this, as a long shot. Have recently moved town and wondering if anybody has a barber shop recommendation for Pattaya? 

Need somewhere that knows how to do braids

Thanks very much 😊👊🏼









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