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Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu

The Muay Thai Videography of Stillness and Color - vlogging the choices

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I've started vlogging my experiences in early work with video and color to capture some of the elements I've been pursuing in still photography. You can check out the first two below:



What is principal here for me are all the ways that slowing down footage actually works to produce motion. It is all this micro-motion, which for me is like a kind of breathing, as if the form itself is breathing, that I find really interesting. This...and how color grading can work to building up atmosphere, a materiality of space, out of which the depicted form or focus emerges, is cloistered in, or erupts. This is something I seek in lots of my still photography. It's why I often try wider lenses. I feel like Muay Thai photography, and videography as well, has extracted too much from the surrounding nature, mechanizing it, alienating it, making an fragmentation. These video experiments are in that direction.

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    • Onyx brings Thai trainers over from Thailand and their managers/operators have experience training and fighting in Thailand, so their style is based in those experiences. I don't know what their day-to-day training looks like, but their technique and focus is based in Thai gym training experience.
    • Also technically, it helps to push back at the point of impact. It helps you keep from getting mowed over or your elbow and shoulder wrenched and it puts resistance to the fighter. Relax in between combos and inbetween blows. It takes years to get proficient at it but doing 10/15 rounds 4 days a week, you got to learn how to survive. One good thing is I developed forearms like popey and my wrist bomes literally grew over an inch over the years. Shows you the impact and how your body adapts. Also for trainers, don't just go up and down a line. Pair people of same size and hopefully skill together. I wrote a small book on how to teach MMA and have a big section on teaching 'striking'. I won't promote it yest because I don't want to think I'm here to hock my wares. I googled best muay thai forums on the internet and this came up.  MMA is king but when you go there and people are so ignorant they say 'when you throw a Thai kick' they mean a leg kick' or his Thai is good, it's time to move on because it's like saying his Brazilian is good. simply no knowledge of the subject. 
    • In gyms in the US it's hard because you have to switch. I had a small gym, so I held pads for 7 years with 4 fighters. all above 70 kilos, one 200 pounds of molten muscle who competed in the UFC 2x and all over the world. I'm going to tell you, I was in my 30's when I took to training full time and those years too Years off my elbows and shoulders. My elbows especially. If I had smaller guys, mai pen rai.  I'm pround/ humble to say I was the best thai pad holder in the region. People used to come to me to get pad work done. I had numerous Thais and other known fighters look at us training and say, you pad holding good. You train in thailand? That felt good and validating but it didn't come overnight, nor did I want to be one. An injury sidelined me after only 13 fights. Yes I did train in Thailand for 2 months. Not much but enough to learn some fundamentals especially how they hold pads. 7 years of imitating the best in the world hurt me physically but eye wise, I could see things coming from a mile away, the only problem is when I had a couple of fights, I fought like a pad holder. My defense was impeccable but my offense, well, lost me those fights. Unless you are a fighter, you should be gentle with smaller people. You aren't winning any fights just training. work your form and don't be a jerk. If you are a trainer and have fighters you should be holding pads for them. They shouldn't be holding pads while training for a fight much if at all. If you are a small guy, just tell the person, you are killing me, can you go lighter and you work some defense.  Everyone gets the deer in the scope look and attitude when they see a bag or pad. If you want to go hard and no one is available to meet your needs, there is nothing better than a heavy bag that swings and there are plenty of tools out there for boxers to work with.  Oh and for positioning the pads, there are plenty of youtube videos to help with pad holding and combos. hundreds of thhem.  Everyone wants to get 5 rounds with the pad man. He can't do it all in the west. If you want a full time pad holder, join a gym, become a top fighter or go to thailand or get privates. It's just our reality.  Karuhat in the free videos online didn't hold pads but worked on movement. Unique for a thai trainer, I'd guess. Very effective in a private session. You can't expect that in the west.  In BJJ it seems like everyone wants to be a 'teacher' because it confers rank or seniority. It is becoming a TMA mentality except for heavy competitors or MMA fighters.  Pad holding for me was like a sculptor with a hammer and chisel to craft the statue I envisioned. But I was limited in my time.
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    • Wow. I never have seen fights in thailand in real life, neither have I seen how intense the gambling community looks. I'm sure it is not the same for every stadium (I might be wrong because these are all assumptions) but I'm just so shocked by this eruption. And there should be no influence from gambling in my opinion on the decision, that saddens me.
    • Last night at the Petchyindee show at Rajadamnern Stadium there was a disagreement about the outcome of one of the main events and this happened: https://fb.watch/dHq7PRppGW/ Gamblers stormed the ring and the man waving his arms around trying to get the crowd more riled is known as Hia Dtee (in this case the "hia" part means an uncle, but it's often changed in comments to be spelled like a swear word). He's a major player and is associated with TDet99, which is a group of fighters that are managed separately but train out of Petchyindee.  Sia Boat, the head of Petchyindee (the "sia" here also means a ruch uncle in Chinese dialect) has struggled with his fits at his shows many times. Petchyindee just announced they will be adding another show on Monday nights, making them the most frequent promotion around with 3 shows per week (Mon, Thurs, Fri) at 2 dofferent stadia. After last night's erruotion, Rajadamnern announced that Hia Dtee and 2 other gamblers are banned from entering the stadium, at all, indefinitely.  Petchyindee's Monday show is at Rangsit, so we'll see if the ban carries over or if it comes dorectly from the stadium. (Hia Dtee in yellow, Pern and Lek flanking) there is a general consensus that gamblers and gambling is out of control with their influence over decisions. Gamblers think referees and judges are corrupt and fighters are lazy. Arguments over decisions are as frequent as there are promotions, every single one has SOME online debate raging for a day or two after. Promoters are tired, fans are always complaining, and Lumpinee banned ALL gambling when they reopened their doors after Covid closures (the stadium is more or less dead as a result of that and a few other factors). Raja banning individual gamblers is a better move than attemtping to ban all gambling, but these are also heavy hitters... the state of Muay Thai in Bangkok is complicated and this is today's hot issue. Yesterday was Mathias's dad being an ass, tomorrow will be whatever happens tonight.
    • Thank you for the response @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu  That's too bad. I understand though, newsletters are a lot of work.  It was really great and, like you said in a podcast, very different from any other stuff online about Muay Thai. I understand that the last week fight part and the what's coming next week was from a third person, is that person still publishing info about fight and links to fight and stuff?
    • I'm sorry, we had to discontinue the Newsletter. It was really a huge effort that put too much on our plate. It's a shame because it was enjoyable to do and was a cool way to share the news.
    • Hello @Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu and @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu I was receiving the newsletter by being subscribed to it, but for some reason I stopped receiving it and now I can't find it.  Is that normal? I thought you had stop it, but I heard in one of your last podcast that you were still doing it, where can I subscribe again?
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