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Strength training for improving knee striking power

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I wonder if there is any supplemental strength training or conditioning methods that are specific for improving knee striking power, except for the high repetitions on hitting pads and the heavy bag. For example, could kettlebell swings help knee strikes? Since they both involve using hip hinges to throw your hips forward?

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I answered a similar question on Sherdog recently. Kettlebell swings are very good, but in my opinion the best exercise to immediately start activating the right muscles (while building balance) is what Da Rulk calls a 'hopscotch' or jumping lunge. 


Depending on how strong your balance or muscles are, at the end you'll eventually want to start jumping with this movement.


I would also recommend isometric holds, these will improve the height of your knees in addition to your kicks - train the obliques to pull that knee up higher and train the hips to be able to manage those heights.


Make sure you do these frequently - but they're not the full story. They'll help with your mobility, balance and strength, but really delivering knees with power, you just want to keep kneeing again and again on repeat, either dozens of times or hundreds of times depending on your experience level! 

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9 hours ago, Jim said:

I was going to ask Sylvie about exercises to strengthen legs and balance in the morning but this  is what I needed. Thank you.

Glad I could help! Knee's can be really tricky, but those exercises will also really help with your kicking balance too

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Simply stand in front of an excessive container (locate a field top that fits your potential) and bounce up onto the box as rapid and explosively as you possibly can. Step down off of the box and repeat for 5 units of 3-5 reps.

  • Start in a squat role, however don’t squat any deeper than what feels herbal and secure.
  • If you don now not have a high field, you can carry out long jumps.


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