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Full time training and fighting for three to six months.

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I’m going to spend three to six months training and fighting in Thailand and have some questions, but also welcome unsolicited advice based on my situation. I’m planning on going at the end of July.

I trained and fought before, however this was almost 20 years ago, I’m 44 now. Currently I don’t have access to a Muay Thai gym, so can only do strength and conditioning, plus using a heavy bag. I train bjj two to three times per week too.

Which gyms are likely to give me a relatively high volume of fights? I’m slightly worried my age will discourage gyms from letting me fight.

What is the most efficient training to do in my current situation?

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I don't know the Phuket scene, but Chiang Mai has had some pretty regular fights and lots of stadia. It does depend on your weight (matchups are geared by weight, usually, and Thais are physically smaller). But a gym like Hongthong or Lanna Muay Thai would probably give a serious student who trains hard fights. High volume? I'm not really sure about that. It depends on skill level, how much the fight scene has tapered off due to corona virus, and your size and attitude in the gym.

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As others have said, this is an awful idea. however, if you’re clearly asking what to do to get as top as possible in six months, then you have to educate 3 instances a day- 1 grappling, 1 striking, and 1 conditioning workout an afternoon. ideally with the eye of a coach and no longer simply in a collection elegance. I would rotate between Muay Thai and boxing for putting, wrestling and jiu-jitsu for grappling, and weights, yoga, and aerobics for fitness. And take 1 full day without work consistent with the week and get a rubdown that day. Also, eat a plant-based totally eating regimen and drink masses of water. Of direction, you couldn’t paint at all and might want the cash to pay for all this, specifically deciding to buy training.

This would get you as geared up as you could, given the restrictions of your athletic capability and additionally your aptitude for fight sports activities which isn’t exactly the equal aspect.

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