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  1. I agree, some awesome stuff here. I’m in a YouTube black hole now.
  2. What are general Thai lay peoples views on ex-monks? Is it seen as negative to have been a monk, but then having returned the ordination/vows. According to the Vinaya, it’s fine to return vows, and retake, up to five times in one lifetime, but social attitudes are not always based on scriptural or clerical authority. In Himalayan Buddhist society giving up monasticism is looked down on and can bring collective shame on a family, whilst at the same time Tibetan women see ex-monks as potentially good husbands who are less likely to be drunk and abusive. I’m talking about ex-monks as in those who have taken higher or “real” ordinations, not temple boys.
  3. Thank you Kevin. Chiang Mai appeals more than the islands as I have friends from university there and there are very interesting Buddhist places there. I’m very impressed with both Hongthong and Lanna from what I’ve seen.
  4. I’m going to spend three to six months training and fighting in Thailand and have some questions, but also welcome unsolicited advice based on my situation. I’m planning on going at the end of July. I trained and fought before, however this was almost 20 years ago, I’m 44 now. Currently I don’t have access to a Muay Thai gym, so can only do strength and conditioning, plus using a heavy bag. I train bjj two to three times per week too. Which gyms are likely to give me a relatively high volume of fights? I’m slightly worried my age will discourage gyms from letting me fight. What is the most efficient training to do in my current situation?
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