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Warming up for a fight

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I'm going to be warming up fighters at my university's fight night tomorrow, and I was wondering what people did to prepare themselves/others? I'm especially looking at the balance between being warmed up but not too tired, whether to train pads, and if going with pads, the balance between training combos or keeping it simple.

Any advice on warming up specifically for a fight is much appreciated!



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In the West folks tend to do some padwork, maybe a total of 3 explosive and then relaxed sets. Not too much. In Thailand we don't do that at all, we just get the oil massage (with the Thai linament, it warms you up) and some light shadowboxing and maybe some stretching. I've seen studies that say that a kind of explosive, out-of-breath for a minute warmup about 10 minutes before a race (running) shows improved times for runners. So I kind of go hard in my shadow the fight before mine, then relax.

I've never trained combos or anything before a fight. But I do visualize for myself, which is something you could maybe guide your fighters through or at least tell them to do for 5 minutes.

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Okay that's great, thank you. I unfortunately found out in my first fight I'm allergic to the oil used, so I have to rely on other methods. Visualisation especially I've never tried before, but I'll look around to see what the best ways to use that/go about it are. Thanks!

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Warming up helps to gently prepare the body for exercises and to reduce the risks of injuries. This is achieved by a gradual increase of heart rate and blood circulation which loosens the joints and increases blood flow to the muscles In Thai gyms, a warm-up run is a crucial component of the training.

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