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Posted about another few gyms on here and got some great feedback so hoping for the same! Going to Thailand soon and I’m considering spending some time at the famous F.A. Group gym as I’ve spoken with them and they now do accommodation. Has anyone been here and trained or spent a bit of time there? Any information very thankful 

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Hey there, I will be there for 2 weeks starting November1st.  I fly in on October 31st at 11pm.  When will you be there?

i had them set me up at the sl residence as they don’t offer private bathrooms if you use the accommodation at the actual gym.

i did pay months ago for the gym and hotel through the gym using PayPal and they just refunded me a few days ago.  They stated that I will have to pay upon arrival as the apartment has a new contract.  

i also noticed that fa groups website, Instagram and Facebook are all down.  Can anyone else confirm this?

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