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  1. Best place in the world, was good meeting you out there since we got there the same day Won’t be able to go back this year because of my work but will 100% be back next year. Keep well man
  2. I’ll be there the second of November for a month. They said to pay on arrival to me as well. The website has definitely went down for some reason but I’ve been dealing with them through the Facebook and they were really helpful. See you there!
  3. Posted about another few gyms on here and got some great feedback so hoping for the same! Going to Thailand soon and I’m considering spending some time at the famous F.A. Group gym as I’ve spoken with them and they now do accommodation. Has anyone been here and trained or spent a bit of time there? Any information very thankful
  4. Thank you so much very appreciated I’m going later in the year
  5. Thank you I’ve since spoken with him and am booked up to go later in the year, thanks again!
  6. Hi guys/gals just wanted to know if anybody had been here and what it’s like? Spoken to them on Facebook and the guy seemed really nice and I think the training looks really good but I’ve just not seen anything else on here. Any info appreciated folks
  7. Has anyone ever stay and trained at the PK Saenchai Gym? I’ve made contact with them through Facebook to stay and train for a month but can’t really find any reviews from anywhere. Any help appreciated
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