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So I'm trying to work on my punching as I feel it's one of the weaker parts of my repertoire (not that there is any part in there that is great haha).

I was watching Sylvies sessions with Chatchai and Sagat especially. Actually I was watching part of the just newly uploaded Sagat session when I though I could try posting here.

I'm tall with a good reach but so far I didn't learn to really make use of my reach so I'm trying to punch at greater distances with limited results. I tried the basic weight transfer Chatchai style and while it somewhat works and makes sense I kind of don't realize yet how to get the range I seem to need.

Actually one thing I always notice is how my cross actually always seems longer than my jab.... wouldn't logic dictate it's the other way round? Maybe it's just because I'm right handed and my right side (cross) is more well trained than my left?
I realize leaning in is a bad habit but I seem to often end up doing that to get the range I need. It's weird... I know I should be able to reach a target at a certain distance, so I think "loooong!" and it doesn't seem too far away either but at that range my punches seem to arrive without any power. Top acceleration and speed should be at the end of the punch says Sagat (and I'm sure many other people) and I try to go for that but somehow I can't get it to work so far...


Any tips on what the best approach to training this is? On the bag (or some other "solid" target)? In shadow? some other way I didn't think about yet? Some form of combination of all that?


On the plus side I feel like I get Sagat style "tiger"-uppercuts quite nicely as long as I have my footwork and weight transfer under control. I'm sure there is room for improvement but still it's pretty cool :)

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Hey Xestaro! 

I began Muay Thai, recently, so not super expert still, however I'm tall as well (1.86) so I have quite the same challenges. 

My jab however is longer than my cross, as I don't over-extend the cross when punching it (unless I see a clear opening). 

First thing to work on is footwork I think. Make sure you are slid on your feet when punching. Think of your body as a tree, if you are not well deep on earth, you won't grow your punches. So work on your footwork, don't concentrate too much on power yet, but more on matching your feet with your punches. 

Second thing, make sure your elbow don't leave the axis of your body on your jab and cross. It has to be a very straight line. It works very well for me for both Jab and Cross when sparring, as I can land them quicker and more accurately. 

Third thing, rotate your hips slightly on your jab, and much more on your cross. 

Do a lot of shadowboxing to get the basics, then go on the bag but don't go full power. 

Hope it helps! 

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Thank you!

I THINK it might have to do with being to stiff in my hips. When I get on the bag later today I will try and do some exercises I learned in Kali-training years ago and see if I can't get this going some more and maybe transfer the basics to punching. There I got to a point where I felt like I could drive every single attack out of my hips with spring and power. Those were more "round" moves though like stick/sword-strikes or open hand slaps or hammer-fists. I feel like the "spring loading" of the hips on every strike should be transferable to punching pretty well if you get it down.


lol I was watching some more of the Sagat sessions and somehow I felt like more power was slowly but steadily flowing into my fists just by watching hahaha

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I'll get on the BAG, not the BACK of course!
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Another Patreon session to check out is Samson Isaan. He was an undefeated boxer and, although short in stature seemed very long armed with great reach. He has some very beautiful form that is a little different than Sagat and Chatchai:


Samson Isaan Cross.jpg

a still from the session, above. This is his cross, he's southpaw.


Extension comes from the rotation of the hips and/or shoulders. You pull back the opposite shoulder.


In the most recent Sagat session you can find Sagat's jab, which indeed is very long. A still from that session, Sagat really exaggerating his reach to prove a point:



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On 9/5/2019 at 11:27 PM, Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu said:

Today worked on putting all the Library session that focus on boxing, or hands in some way, under a single tag Muay Mat

Awesome thank you. 

If only i could figure out how to search patreon by other tags as i pleased. 


Scrolling to search is tedious 

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3 hours ago, CoachMatty said:

Awesome thank you. 

If only i could figure out how to search patreon by other tags as i pleased.

Scrolling to search is tedious 

You can. Just go to the "posts" tab, and you'll see all the tags there on the left side (scroll down a bit). It will look like this:



Communicating this with our patrons is a big problem. We put it in the original sign up email, but it just gets lost in the hoard of information. It's one of the difficulties in putting up a huge amount of incredible content. How do you even interact with it all. If you have any ideas on what would make this simpler, or more enjoyable, we're all ears. Tags are only a minor solution because you are limited to only 5 tags in post.

There is always the Muay Thai Library Table of Contents, I think that is the easiest way to browse and locate something cool.


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