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Stepping on the foot in Muay Thai - Yodkhunpon Session

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I was rewatching the library session "Yodkhunpon "The Elbow Hunter" pt 1 | Slicing Elbow 37 min" and was wondering something:


Yodkhunpon tries to get Sylvie to step in towards the opponent very deeply and very close to their front foot for a horizontal, slicing "fan sok" elbow.

Since I had the experience in Kali training years back that stepping ON an opponents foot seriously messes with their movement and ability to execute whatever they're trying to do I was wondering if that was an option in Muay Thai. I don't think I've actually seen Muay Thai fighters do that so I wonder if it is even allowed in fights.

In Kali I got to the point where stepping precisely on an opponents foot when closing distance became pretty much natural and automatic for me and it seemed very effective but this is in a martial art that does not have a ring-fighting variant or rules at all, so...

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2 hours ago, Tyler Byers said:

Intradasting.... I didn't know that was an accepted technique. Seems super handy for elbows!

That's what I was thinking. Yodkhunpon put such great emphasis on stepping very close to the opponents foot and it made me think "if we're getting this close, why not step ON the foot?"


Guess I'll start practicing that again when I have the opportunity. Can only really practice that with a partner.

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