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Discussion - Rambaa Somdet M16 Muay Thai Library Session

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Here is a discussion zone for the Rambaa Somdet M16 Muay Thai Library session (published 5/17/2019), which is pretty chalk full of technique. There is so much in it is difficult to total. One of the coolest things in it is the Pistol-Whip Elbow that he teaches within the clinch. A GIF from when he first taught it to Sylvie a few years ago:


In any case, this is a space where patrons (and others) can seek clarity or have back and forth on some of the details in Rambaa's fighting approach.

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I really enjoy the moments where he just stops everything in this one with "Muay Sai-Gon" (if I'm spelling / pronouncing that correctly).

You can seen in how he moves, as well as his millimetre precision on technicalities just how much and how hard he would train. The Burklerk segment was amazing, even being able to characterise him in his movements.

I also like the way he drills repetition with the way he teaches, not only that, but forcing them one after the other, letting the speed build the power while forcing you to figure out your balance and center after each shot. It is a genius way of drilling into your head what you have just learned, while also putting that pressure on to micromanage your feet and your defence to gain a solid understanding for what you're doing and why your are doing it.

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Rambaa is one of my favorite sessions.  I’ve absolutely stolen a ton from these videos.  The throws he shows are extremely effective.  The stinging leg kicks are awesome.  Pistol whip elbow is brilliant.  

Rambaa I think is by and large a fighter defined by explosiveness, he’s like a bomb that’s just waiting to go off at the right time.  He just didn’t have it in him to move slowly.  He’s definitely the guy to watch if you lean heavily on your speed advantage to win fights.  

but then it’s totally contrasting with his mega low effort blocking style.  I think he saw blocking with almost disappointment like alright you initiated so now I gotta do this to make sure I don’t get tagged lol that’s what i see.  It’s like #%^ your punches, they’re lame.    He’s also I think willing to walk into the fire because he’s confident he gets to your chin faster and better than you can get to mine so he’ll throw at basically the exact same time you do except better.  

idk that’s kinda what I see in Rambaa.  But you can tell the man just LOVES fighting in general.  He’s definitely not concerned with nor bogged down by “how things should be” he’s looking for what works and why and then how can those ideas work into other aspects of fighting.  I’m sure he was fairly frustrated as a young person by the hierarchal constraints of Thai society.  He’s a born rebel.   

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