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  1. I find this post really really helpful. Over 3 distinct fights I found that mental training was a huge contributing factor to my success and failure. First time I had any suggestion to address the mental aspects of my training was from my strength coach last year who recommended I read "Relentless" . At that time my fight that immediately followed that read was my best performance to date and I was not at my best physically but overcame with effective strikes, not gased, just overall feeling of accomplishment (unanimous decision WIN). However, I left the book alone and did not follow up with anything following. I had a surgery, took some time to recover and wanted back in, following a pretty 'meh' demo I took a fight against an opponent that for the most part I was expected to outperform just from power. I had the worst performance EVER, I was so nervous after the first round I was so exhausted, just completely depleted. I felt that I completely defeated myself before I even stepped foot in that ring (unanimous decision LOSS).... fast forward a couple months later to Muay Thai Classic and I began reading "Mind Gym" shortly before and again I had what was an amazing performance to me (Unanimous decision LOSS) I was relaxed, focused. It was a clinch battle and I executed to the best my ability in the circumstance.... I'm looking for any suggestions to make a serious commitment to mental training.
  2. I personally hate running.. it has become a mental training for me. I have been told by Ajahn Suchart many times "there is no Muay Thai without running". Often times I have tried to substitute with spinning classes or stair climbing so it's good to get more information on the basis for running if the body permits. Thanks for this.
  3. 7am – 500ml warm water with juice of half a lemon 7:30-8am – Coffee, 2 eggs and half an avocado or vegan protein shake with peanut butter and almond milk 11am – Run 45-60min 12pm – Quarter Chicken and half sweet potato or half cup rice and Big salad or steamed veggies, definitely with olive oil dressing or butter on the veg 2:30pm – Tea and Quest bar or almonds or Peanut butter, with kiwi, berries or pineapple 5:00pm – Fish (Meat) and Salad 7-9pm – Train 10pm – spoon of peanut butter (or glass of red wine and few cubes of cheddar, if I’m up for a treat) I track using MyFitnessPal, usually have to cut my already minimal carbs if I'm trying to make weight... Looking to change my diet soon though because I carry a lot of muscle and I'd like to see if I can drop a weight class.
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