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  1. My future ex-gloves... Sylvie, if you and Kevin are ever in Boulder, please stop by Duane Ludwig's new academy in Westminster. He's been open since November (that's where I started stand up). Great vibe and Duane's a madman. 20 min. from Boulder!
  2. Wow. So much awesome. Thai Fight, MAX Muay Thai, Enfusion, Yokkao, World Muay Thai Angels. Raaahhhhhh! I never heard of any of these. What a noob I am. Thanks all.
  3. As far as Ronda, I am a fan. Some people say asshole, I say uber assertive. Every major fighter has people that dislike them. What she has done (popularity- hers and women's mma) would have been virtually impossible w/ a Mother Teresa vibe (even if we all love Mother Teresa- que en paz descanse). What she did to Cat and Sara McMann was completely and utterly impressive. I am a HUGE Cris Cyborg fan (she always seems so genuine) and it sucks when Ronda bags on her but it will make the fight all that much bigger. Fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks all for the good tips. I will look for the deodorizers or spray. 'Needing' the 2nd pair is a good excuse but I'm sure I'd get sideways looks at home:) I'm definitely loving feeling the knuckles but for sure my wrists are vulnerable. Sometimes I tape.
  5. Windy 16 oz.- my hands were permanently swollen going 9 hours/week (never did stand up before), Title Gel World Bag Gloves 16 oz. allowed me to train while my hands healed (2 months- even light punching hurt w/ Windy), I then developed the bad habit of not punching with my knuckles so I got Fairtex 12 oz. in order to feel the knuckles better. I spar w/ the Windys (no longer hurt my hands). I'm 5'9", 190 lbs. I really like the feel of the Fairtex 12 oz. Tight at first but perfect now w/out wraps. Also, both Windy and Fairtex are a breeze to put on, Titles are a pain. Anyone have tips on avoiding swamp gloves? I put cedar chip socks in my gloves every day but they NEVER dry out.
  6. How timely this topic... So last Sat. we had light sparring and I told all of my partners to go easy and not punch through the target (at 40 yrs. old, I DO worry about heavy head shots.) All partners were excellent and I even got to go with a top mma female... For the next maybe 8 hours I had this dull pain in my head, not quite a headache. I've gotten whacked plenty hard before and that has never happened. I figure that I will watch to see if it happens again. Watching Sylvie's 116th fight, I feel like a chump complaining about light sparring. hehehe. Bottom line, "go easy and don't punch through the target" was well received by all my partners, even IF I got the dull ache. Hope that we can all minimize head trauma while pursuing our Muay Thai goals.
  7. Recently received my first 7 stitches (noob) below my eye from a front kick. All healed but massage therapist insists that I rub it every day until there are no lumps underneath. She swears that the scar tissue underneath will cause it to open up easier if not broken down. Lumps have decreased significantly since mashing on it during my morning commute. Also- coworker's kid had a cut that I would approximate would require 30 stitches. He wanted minimal scarring on her face so he got a plastic surgeon that did 120 very small stitches. The scar is way thinner than any I've ever seen.
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