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  1. Personally I have always disliked when judges score aggression > dominance. Not just in the UFC, but competing in PKB's here in America! A Muay Femur can definitely dominate moving backwards by taking advantage of their opponent's aggression and using it against them.
  2. Top King Shing Guards and Twins gloves. Both fit like a glove and have required little to no adjustment during sparring.
  3. From what I've seen I think knees to the legs are a good alternative for fighters who are too short to safely knee past the groin. And also like you said, it opens up many options for throws and distractions in the clinch. My last smoker my opponent kneed my legs and I had nothing against it, it helped him stay active in the clinch. One of the instructors at my gym, Neungsiam sets up some throws from rabbit knees.
  4. Everyone in my life always viewed me as a very peaceful person, until I went through some very trying times in my early teen years followed by a couple more in my early twenties. They revealed a rage inside me I didn't remember since I was an angry little kid. I guess I rediscovered an organic nature in me that I constantly hold back. I still struggle with being too "nice" during my fights. I don't even really care if I win, I just want to find that organic emotion and let it out freely in an accepted way.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm Gene. I'm from San Francisco, California. I've been studying Muay Thai for about 10 years, I've only done a handful of smokers. By the end of 2020 I hope to transition to amateur Muay Thai since my coach thinks I'll be ready with a couple more smokers. I'm looking to compete as much as possible before amateurs. I'm here to make friends and learn to become a better nak muay. I'm hoping to contribute to the community as well!
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