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  1. So, I trained for 2 weeks in this gym. It was awesome. I'm really sorry that we travelled to Koh Samui after 2 weeks, because there wasn't a good training (or after this hardcore experience in Fa Group, everything seemed too light :D ), only turists... But we didn't have enough money to go back to BKK :) We hated Bangkok, seriously, this district (Chatuchak, Mo Chit) is so dirty, crowded, depressive. Nothing to do between or after the trainings, like a prison. But the training... I loved it so much. I'm a clincher, so this place was a paradise, even if the youngest,12 year old boy smashed me easily :) There wasn't other woman, just a russian girl, but she just did padwork and bagwork. So I was the only woman, who gone to the ring every day and clinched with the boys. It wasn't easy, because they don't use to clinch with girls, so they were embarrassed and laughed, and in the first days they didn't really want to spar or clinch with me. But slowly they realized that I wouldn't cry if they throw me or knee me. After a few days it was better, they said: "You are strong", "muay khao", and it was the best feeling :D
  2. (sorry for my english) I had a laser eye surgery in january for this reason :) I couldn't train without lenses, I just couldn't see anything... And my self-confidence was totally off... So in trainings I always worn them. In my first fight I've worn my lenses, the doctor didn't notice it :D I know, it's forbidden and dangerous, but I didn't care. But in trainings my lenses often fell out when my partner hit me, and if it happens in a real fight, you will be disqualified.. So I save up, and had a PRK. 3 months after the surgery I had a fight, and it was so much better.
  3. So many good questions to think about... Thank you! I run a lot, eat quality food, aaaand try to sleep enough. I'm thinking about that it's maybe not "overtraining", but "overworrying". I mean... There are a lot of things that I must do at the same time. And maybe I'm not physically weak or tired, but mentally...? I'm writing my Msc thesis, studying spanish in a language school 4 hours every day (I need a language exam to get my diploma), and working, but still worrying about money... (teaching children with adhd). Stress, stress, stress. So it feels like my brain never rest, I worry too much? Can this cause physical weakness? I love training, and after working and studying I'm starving to move, hit pads, etc. But when I train, I often still thinking about my other duties (for example: shit, I won't be ready with my thesis...)
  4. I train muay thai for 2 years. This year I started fighting, and this means more training, more sparring, running, etc. Before MT, I was a kung fu competitor so the hard training is not a new thing for me. But... in recent months, I don't feel I become stronger, faster or better in technics after all this training. I feel I become weaker, slower. I was a hard-kicker, but now, I don't know, why, but I just can't kick hard, or strong. At my last fight my punches were so weak, they didn't hurt my opponent. I tried my favourite low kicks, but.. no power. Since February I'm not allowed to take any vitamins or protein shake (because of an laser eye surgery). But there are so many fighters who don't take supplements.. So do you ever feel this "losing strenght" ? Should I do more conditional training, crossfit, etc? I'm so frustrated now...
  5. It's interesting that they clinch more than spar... or is this "normal" in the thai gyms?
  6. Well, in Hungary the combat sports are not so well sponsored... We should be football (soccer) players to get sponsors :D But you're right, and we must keep trying. By the way, there are 2 gyms, that I found interesting: 1. Wech Pinyo 2. Jun Muay Thai Both are in Koh Samui, but they don't seem so crowded like Lamai (WMC), and there's no "weight loss class" :D They have female fighters, who fights frequently. Aaaaand they are pretty cheap ( training cost: 5000-7000 baht per month). Does anyone have experience about these gyms?
  7. Today I went back to the doctor, and he gave me this super-fashionable, pretty shoe... :D I must wear it for 2 weeks, it looks terrible, but I can walk at least. Now I'm watching Sylvie's training videos (tips, etc.... I'm really grateful to you,Sylvie :) ), reading muay thai articles, analyzing fights... thinking about my movements, what I want to work on... I feel that I'm learning, even if I can't practise now.
  8. My doctor said, it takes 3 weeks to heal. I was happy: "ok, that's nothing" Well, now it was 19 days ago and I still can't stand on my foot. When I wear shoes, it's better, but without shoes... hurts like the first day.
  9. Thanks for the responses! And yeah, I do abs, shoulder, back exercises, and I even hit bag - standing on my knees :)
  10. Before I started muay thai, I fight in sanda rules ("chinese kick-box", also with throws and leg grabs). I was always afraid to kick the body, because in sanda we rather use our feet, not shins, when we kick, and it was so painful when I accidentaly kicked my opponent's elbow. And my friend's foot broke actually by this: she kicked, and her opponent used elbow as a guard. I started muay thai, I've learnt to kick with my shins, and slowly I started to be "brave" enough to kick to the body. It's still painful when I kick an elbow, but my shins became harder And now... We had sparring at training (2 weeks ago), my training partner was a beginner man. He didn't know how to defense, or catch leg, he just moved instinctively. I teeped him - he pushed forward his elbows ---> extreme pain in my foot. Next day I couldn't stand on my injured foot, so I went to a hospital. X-Ray, diagnosis: IV. metatarsal bone is broken. I can't walk, just with crutches, it means a month "rest". I hate it, I'm worried if it will be normal again, etc... So, okay, I never experienced this, when I spar or fight with a non-starter opponent. I never used my elbow to defend a teep. But really... You can't strenghten up your feet. And I don't want to be afraid to use teeps. How can you avoid this?
  11. I just fund in a very good blog, missmuaythai.com (I think the writer is also a member in this forum): Phuket. "Unfortunately due to having 3 fights last month, I need to wait a few more weeks before I can get another fight. Bangla Stadium usually only shows 1 female fight per card and I know the other girls at Sinbi have been waiting for fights themselves." It doesn't sounds so sood for me, if we can stay only 3 months... (Ok, we must win on lottery and stay for a year :D )
  12. So, just like everybody, we are planning to go and train in Thailand. My partner trains muay thai for 14 years, he has over 60 fights, and of course, his big dream is to fight in Thailand. Especially now, when he lost his motivations here in Hungary (his trainer doesn't let him have title fights, doesn't give him the fight money, etc). I'm an enthusiastic newbie, I have only 3 fights - but I really love muay thai, and I want to train and fight a lot. We are saving money - it's not easy here-, and planning our journey. Many people said that if you are a real fighter, and want serious trainings, and want to fight a lot, you should avoid Phuket or the other turist areas. Too many turists, who are just playing in the gyms, you can't get serious training, and the fights aren't real, the thai opponent will let you win, because gym owners pay them, etc.. I don't know... it makes sense. We don't want to be "turists". We want to train hard and fight frequently while we are there. But: Maybe it will be our only chance to travel to Thailand. Our time is precious: just 2-3 months (because of money) So we want to see and enjoy the beauty of Thailand, and we want to live near the beach (yeah, we'are Hungarian: we dream about tropical places and beaches :)) We don't want to stay in a big city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. So... Can we get both? What do you think?
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