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  1. Hey! When it comes to structure training, over here we have some 15mins of warm-up. After that we either go to 5-6 rounds of pad work, 2 times. One holding pads, partner working out and change after the first set. At the end some 100 or 150 kicks each leg at the heavy bag or pads and some strength. For Pad work just gather your ideas, you can go for any technique or combination you like. On technique days, we just go for partner training, without pads. If you don't remember any techniques to improve, just sort some out online. Every one performing each technique 2 or 3 times, then change, with rounds of ~3min. Hope that could help you a little.
  2. As meanwhile we have beginning of July, how were things developing in Thailand in the meantime? At least for Europe I read people from Thailand are allowed to re-enter to EU again beginning from July 15. That might be the same other way, too.
  3. Whenever I'm around BKK I'll give Boon Sport Shop and Super Export Shop a visit, can recommend both of them!
  4. I'm pretty much looking forward on your further reviews since I had about the same experience when staying at Sitmonchai. Countryside, small village, no distraction; proper training, but no one holding your hand. It was a fantastic place to stay for me!
  5. Exactly the same I had yesterday! During the last weeks I was still training "one on one" whenever possible, but yesterday was again the normal group training grind. These days groups up to 10 are allowed over here. Going 15km by bike to training, train hard for 2hrs and go the same way back - it feels so damn great to get the grind again!! Thank you for opening up this positive thread!
  6. Well, I must have missed that article on Sylvie's and Kevin's "golden kick". Thanks for that! I just got to experience myself, that kicks coming with an upwards movement pointing through towards the shoulder are caught quite easily (well, I might be too slow, too). But I had the chance to train with someone more experienced and he used the whole movement of kick and returning to bring out his leg before I could catch it - but his kick was coming from a 90° angle and going parallel to the ground, so no upwards movement. Might be not as hard, but though not so easy to catch.
  7. I'm working with Polar devices, using chest strap + app during training and a sports watch in general and for biking and I'm pretty fine with that! For me it's more the monitoring effect than to stick to some advices. Of course main aspect is my training and technique, than all these stats, but still it's interesting to see how values develop.
  8. My experience about learning side kicks/roundhouse kicks so far is the following: - there are several different kinds of side kicks - everywhere it is trained a little different (referring to first point), every Kru is focussing of different details; try to figure out what's working best for you What each training style or way of explanation has in common is - to twist the foot you're standing on as much as possible in order to open your hip - to swing the arm on the kicking leg's side in order to keep balance or even to keep distance to your opponent What I do at least when training is to use even the shoulder, so to make the whole upper body turn, hip and shoulder stay in line. Basically it's all just a question of muscle chains and how you can activate them as fast as possible.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the discussion and background infos! Since I started with Muay Thai, I'm more and more interested in other martial arts out there and so I came across Lethwei, as well. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to give it a try yet, but I'm looking forward to. And thank you @LengLeng for sharing your story and motivation! It always helps me to get levelled or modest again.
  10. Gloves: Yokkao "Sick" 10oz, Fairtex 12oz; both feel very good of good quality, as I use them a lot and they're still in very good shape. Shinpads: I have Twins but the laces are quite short, except of that they're fine Shorts and shirts I love Boon's stuff and style!
  11. When I read your situation, I'm really happy about the family-like places I've been at, especially both gyms over here in Finland. Both gyms are the trainers "one and everything", sometimes we cook together after training, we can come and go whenever we want, doors are open. Everything of course on a respectful basis. At the one gym it was just too small to leave stuff there at the other one they agreed, as I normally go the 10km by bike and was asking if I can leave gloves and shinguards there. No one ever thought about things getting stolen, why should someone take from one's family? Sorry for getting too much off topic... But to get back to topic: as over here, due to large amount of people, we split between pad work training and technical training. So, the pad work days are definitely the more exhausting ones and you work hard then. The technical training is one on one training, focussing of course on precision, timing, etc... instead of power and it's more the advanced people joining these training units.
  12. How do you mean it's not allowed to use heavy bags? Isn't it a very basic means of training in every combat sports gym?
  13. At least for the gyms I met so far in the West, there is no other possibility than students holding pads for each other - or you just stay with a heavy bag all day long. Of course it's not the best way but at least you learn how to hold pads properly. Although I must admit that I'm unfortunately very uncreative when it comes to holding pads for someone. Anyone any suggestions in how to learn to "hold pads properly" so that it get's fluent and the one training is having some benefit of it?
  14. Interesting topic over here, great! Just a while ago I started to train without shinguards whenever possible. Sometimes our Kru (Thai) wants me to wear shinguards, sometimes my partner wants. But if it's ok for both, I try to go without. For me it's a little like for @Kero Tide, I don't like wearing all this stuff when training. As less as possible, as much as necessary. Of course every once in a while my shins hurt and look bad, but meanwhile after 2 days the pain is gone again, so not that big deal anymore. @LengLeng I little envy you training at a Lethwei Gym in Yangon! When I visit Myanmar next time I definitely want to give it a try, too! Last time in Mandalay I didn't find one but it was my first visit to Myanmar that time and I first had to see how things go there. Wish you all the best!
  15. For the ones not living in Thailand: As Larb Gai is one of my favourites, too, I can tell you that it's not that difficult to cook it at home! The others I didn't try yet, but finding suitable recipes should be possible. Thank you for that inspiring list!
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