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  1. I personally find pink salt very good. A small pinch over pineapple and it tastes devine. Everybody said its mineral portfolio is great for after workout hydration.
  2. oh you mean the actual 'blend' like by a blender. I am no expert in food preparation. please try your way with it. Definitely want to know how it works for you. :)
  3. Many years ago had 7 stitches under my eyebrow from headbutt in a basketball match. My families all went nut. they simply take off any male chicken meat(promotes tissue grow, especially young tissues like a new wound, causing lumps) and soy souce(natural colorants) for the entire MONTH! Chinese believe. rose hip oil is said to be good for scar recovery. But you have to be consistent applying it.
  4. I am lazy and just want its benefits so I just add more water and they look like tiny frog eggs floating in water. Appetizing right? I also chew a little them when I can. the stores that sell fency drinks always blend them with all kinds of stuff. Guess it will be too boring to take it plain. Take it the way you like.
  5. For training, I have been taking chia seeds. Usually I soak two to three spoonfuls for several hours(over night is better). Just pour in 60 Degree c water and leave it there. Boiling water not recommended. Take it around one hour before training and I noticed I last longer in training. It is basically tasteless so you can mix it up with your fruit drinks or milk.
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