50 Kicks for Khem – the Kaitburin Muay Thai Fundraiser for Khem

   meet Khem and his mother in this video – The Lanna Boys Kicked for Khem Kaitburin Muay Thai – based in Oxfordshire, England – has organized...


 meet Khem and his mother in this video

[updated: 10/23/13] – The Lanna Boys Kicked for Khem

Kaitburin Muay Thai – based in Oxfordshire, England – has organized a fundraiser to help with the significant medical costs and rehabilitation for Khem Lanna Muay Thai. Just submit a video of your fastest, best form, best power kicks. Represent.

Many Ways to Help and Win

1. The Facebook Page Random Drawing
50 Kicks - Like the Facebook Page to Enter

click to Like the contest Facebook Page and be entered for Free


This is the easiest way to help and win. Entry is free. Just Like the Contest Facebook page, it helps us spread the word. All entrants will be part of a random drawing and there are great prizes to be had. Prizes will be distributed randomly to the drawn winners.

50 Kicks - Free Drawing Prizes - 50 Kicks for Khem

  • 16oz pair Nationman Sparring Gloves – (Kaitburin Thailand)
  • Cardio Strength Training – Instructional – (Beeston Boxing Gym)
  • Warrior Boxing – Blue Training Vest – (Unique Ringwear)
  • Warrior Boxing – Red Training T-Shirt – (Unique Ringwear)
  • Pair of Hand Wraps – (Kaitburin UK) – two prizes available

It is free to enter (just “like” the page), but because this is a fundraiser the suggested donation is 2.00 GBP/3.22 USD/101 THB/2.37 EUR. All monies donated except for the small fee paypal keeps for transactions goes to Khem and his family. See below where to donate via PayPal.


2. Post a 50 Kick Video and Win the random drawing

50 Kicks - Submit a Video for Random Drawing


Prizes Randomly Drawn

There will be two winner randomly chosen from all our 50 Kick video entries. Enter a video and you can win. You can either upload it to your YouTube channel – which makes it easy to share – and post a link on the 50 Kicks for Khem Facebook page, or you can uploaded it directly onto their page.

The 1st place randomly drawn winner will win Combat Fight Sports Thai pads:

Combat Sports - 50 Kicks for Khem Prize

Sponsored by Aaron Veverka “Kru Juice” from Cleavland OH, USA who will send these to anyone in the world.

The 2nd randomly drawn winner will receive a signed photo of fighters Natasha Sky and her husband Dane Sky:

Nastasha Sky - Muay Thai - Kick for Khem


3. Win the 50 Kicks for Khem Competition – Men and Women

Just post a video with the fastest 50 Kicks.

Win the 50 Kicks for Khem Competition

50 Kicks Entry Leaderboard

click to see the current Leaderboard


There will be one Male and and one Female fastest kicks winner. Each winner will receive two pre-paid gift certificates, with 50 British pounds/$80.00 in value:

Fastest Male - 50 Kick Competition  Fastest Female - 50 Kick Competion

Also the male Winner will win fight signed shorts donated by Thanit “Boom” Watthanaya and a signed photo, and the female winner will win signed fight shorts donated by Natasha Sky:

Fight Shorts Signed by Natash and Boom


50 Consecutive Kick Competition Entry

Enter 50 Consecutive Kick competition with a 2.00 GBP/3.22 USD/101 THB/2.37 EUR entrance fee (open to anyone in the world, must be 18+ years old to enter). Just video tape yourself kicking 50 consecutive times and  submit your video entry by posting it to the contest Facebook Page!); the “fastest kick” winner prize is a 25 GBP voucher (“gift certificate”) for Max One Nutrition and a 25 GBP voucher for Unique Ringwear plus the additional prizes listed above.

Here are the Official Rules for Qualifying Kicks:

  • 2) 50 round house kicks – with either left or right leg
  • 3 b) (ideally minimum 5 secs added before and after 50 kicks – to enable verification timing to occur)
  • 3 c) timing criteria = both feet touching ground before timer started / last & 50th kick to strike pad before timer stopped
  • 4) kicks to be executed consecutively as ‘quickly as possible’
  • 5) kicks to be executed with as much power as possible by executor or kicker
  • 6) pad holder to hold pads above at least waist height – using reasonable quality ‘thai pads only’
  • 7) pad holder must avoid chasing kick’s i.e. pushing pads significantly downwards towards kickers shins
  • 8) (i.e. pads must remain constant above the pad holders waist line)
  • 9) all entries to be timed please and uploaded to “khem 50 kick official facebook page” (to YouTube where possible otherwise Official Facebook Wall – also all timed entries within 1 second of highest recorded time on leader board will be subject to multiple re-timing to 1/100th second degrees – Note: only 1/10th second used during comp time)
  • ..by submitting gym’s – please include the full ‘fighters name’ + ‘gym name’ so gym’s & fighters can be recognized
  • 10) All leader boards are only provisional until competition close and All judges decisions have been made on both speed and form.
  • (entries seen NOT to fall within the above rules may be disqualified as declared on 22nd November 2013).


The Official Rules can be Read Here

The Official Prizes can be Read Here

The Changing Leaderboard can be Found here


The drawing will be held and winners will be notified via Facebook no later than November 22, 2013.  Winners will be randomly drawn from the “likes” of the Khem “50 Kick Fundraiser” page and one prize from the list above will be awarded to each winner of the drawing until all prizes are distributed.  Prizes will be posted to the winners within 10 days of the drawing.

Please go to the fundraiser PAYPAL account to pay your donation to recipient kbrthaiboxing@gmail.com (100% of these donations go to Khem, minus the minimal fee from PayPal for its services) for the suggested donation, although any amount at all helps Khem and his family.

click here to make your donation


For inspiration, check out John Wayne Parr’s 50 Kicks which he just put up (10/23/2013). We are looking for fast and hard, your best form. But you don’t have to win to represent! Submit videos of both students and fighters from your gym.

Khem Lanna Muay Thai

I’ve written about Khem, a former fighter and champion from Lanna Muay Thai (Kiat Busaba) and our efforts as a gym and Muay Thai Community to raise money to help allay the cost of medical expenses and physical therapy fees accrued since Khem’s accident a year ago, leaving him unable to walk.

People from all over the world who know Khem personally or who support him due to their affiliation with Lanna Muay Thai as part of the gym family at large have rallied together and donated, mostly through our PayPal account set up for Khem, and we’ve just reached our goal of 100,000 Baht in a little over 2 months.  The support has been amazing.

Khem Receving over 100,000 baht


Further, Khem’s position as a champion in the Muay Thai and western boxing communities in Thailand prompted the national publication Muay Siam magazine, as well as a local stadium – Thapae Muay Thai Stadium – to organize and host a fundraising fight night for Khem’s benefit.  Both Big and I got to fight on that card and it was an awesome night. Over 40,000 baht was raised that night. Helping Khem has become both a local Muay Thai commitment, and something that is bringing together Muay Thai fighters and community around the world.

Khem with all of Lanna Muay Thai Around Him

Khem’s expenses are profound – nearly 500,000 Baht right now which is a huge burden for any average Thai income and Khem cannot work in his condition, so his parents have been taking care of him for the past year. I’m are thrilled to be a part of this 50 Kicks for Khem contest taking us beyond the initial 100,000 baht that we and others have raised. I’ve donated my fight shorts to be part of a 50 Kicks for Khem auction starting November 1st, joining several other fighters who have done so.


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