I Donate My Fight Shorts for Ebay Auction – 50 Kicks for Khem Fundraiser

Adding My Fight Shorts to Be Auctioned – update: Big on these shorts and a signed photo here. Auction ends November 15, 2013 If you have been following all...
Adding My Fight Shorts to Be Auctioned

– update: Big on these shorts and a signed photo here. Auction ends November 15, 2013

If you have been following all the excitement, beyond the work that Lanna has been doing to help raise money for former Muay Thai champion Khem who has lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident and is trying to rehabilitate and walk again – some of Khem’s story is here: Help a Champion Recover – and beyond the fundraising Siam News did to organize a fight night here in Chiang Mai to help, Kaitburin Muay Thai in Oxfordshire England has been coordinating a fantastic 50 Kicks for Khem video contest which has fighters sending entries from around the world to their Facebook Page, all helping to send money to relieve the nearly 500,000 baht medical bill that Khem’s family has incurred. They have actually creatively thought of lots of ways for your to support the cause. In addition to the 50 Kicks contest they’ve asked Muay Thai fighters to send in fight shorts for auction on Ebay starting November 1st, with proceeds going to Khem and his family. At first it was only Cyrus Washington and myself, but the list of participating fighters is growing! Kevin Ross @dasoulassissinJoe Shilling, Thanit “Boom” Watthanaya, and Natasha Sky are all on board now with donation for prizes, and several are also including a signed custom photograph as well.

So when November 1 comes around I’ll be asking you to bid on these shorts and Michael White’s photograph, and help us raise money for Khem.

Lanna Green Muay Thai Short - 50 Kicks for Khem

The video at the top is my contribution. These are Lanna shorts I’ve really, really loved that I bought back on my first trip to Thailand, and which I fought in way back on my first big Muay Thai fight in Las Vegas, my 11th. It wasn’t my best fight  Lion Fight Promotion that started me dreaming big. Above is me signing my shorts and sending them off to England. There is also going to be a framed and signed photo of me added as well, a shot and donated by the wonderful Chiang Mai Muay Thai photographer Michael White.

Nastasha Sky - Muay Thai - Kick for Khem

see Natasha’s Muay Thai blog

Thanit Boom Watthanaya - 50 Kicks for Khem

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Boom is donating the shorts he fought in when he fought Andy Howson in December of last year. You can see the shorts in action here:

If you are a fighter and would like to add fight shorts or others notables to the auction, or know someone who would please do contact us. The bigger this auction the bigger the help we can all be.

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Fast Kicks

Remember, every entry in the 50 Kick Competition is automatically entered into a random drawing prizes. This was Kevin Ross‘s leading entry in the Men’s Division – though it looks like two 24.1 second entries were just submitted to day, which may give us a new leader for the men. See all the video entries on the contest Facebook Page – they try to update the leaders daily.  [update: the Competition Leaderboard can be seen here]

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