Muay Thai Bones Podcast #4 – Sodium, Dieselnoi, Shame & Fear, Switching Stance

This is the 4th episode of Muay Thai Bones Podcast, filmed as Kevin and I are driving back from my 238th fight, in Trat. The Muay Thai Bones podcast...

This is the 4th episode of Muay Thai Bones Podcast, filmed as Kevin and I are driving back from my 238th fight, in Trat. The Muay Thai Bones podcast is a sharing of how Kevin and I usually talk on our long drives across Thailand, inviting you to travel along with us! I hope you enjoy.

Muay Thai Bones Podcast – episode 4

We had a few technical difficulties with the camera overheating so this we supplemented with discussion from the coach in areas we lost the original conversation. So this one is part from the road, and part from when we got home. These are awesome topics and challenges I’m facing as a fighter and as a person.

Things covered:

  1. Festival Fights in Thailand and how repetition creates great skill.
  2. I’ve added sodium as a supplement to my 1+1 Keto dietary approach, and been having great results.
  3. What it has been like, and what it means to have had Dieselnoi in the gym.
  4. The relationship between Fear & Shame in fighting, and how it relates to Muay Thai in Thailand.
  5. Moving into becoming a Switching fighter, finding one’s way between stances.

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