Pretty Busy This Week – Lots of Interviews on the Way

Asian Correspondent Interview Just to keep everyone in the loop it is a pretty busy week or so coming up. Not only am I fighting Sunday, my 3rd fight...
Asian Correspondent Interview

Just to keep everyone in the loop it is a pretty busy week or so coming up. Not only am I fighting Sunday, my 3rd fight in 10 days (yeah!) – there are lots of interviews on the immediate horizon. I’m being interviewed by Fergal Barry-Murphy (@fergalbm on Twitter) of Asian Correspondent, hopefully next Saturday. Asian Correspondent is excellent digital resource on Asian news (you can follow them on Facebook too); it’s an interview that may appear in Siam Voices where one of my favorite Thai writers Kaewmala publishes. As a sidenote, you can also read Kaewmala informative posts on Thai society on her website Thai Woman Talks . I try not to miss a post of hers – they are rich, reflective critiques that really can help non-Thais see into Thai culture. You can follow her on Twitter @thai_talk . This interview by Fergal is exciting because it should give us a chance to talk about deeper cultural and gender issues surrounding Muay Thai and my experiences in Thailand.

Asian Correspondent - Siam Voices

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Tap.Nap.Snap Podcast

I also am in line to be interviewed for a podcast by John Douglas of the excellent MMA Facebook page  TAP. NAP. SNAP. YOUR MMA RECAP which is a must subscribe page if you follow MMA with 45,000+ likes. You can visit their website for more MMA happenings. John is actually down the road from me, relatively speaking ,training at Santai Gym a gym I’ve always wanted to visit. Perhaps we can get that podcast going this week as well. He’s already put together a pretty nice podcast interview of Lindsey Newhall who is writing for Fightland of, so it will be great to add my voice to that. And, if that wasn’t enough Maggie Jurriaan who is writing her thesis on the importance of Thai Intangible Heritage would like to interview me here in Chiang Mai on Tuesday. 🙂

Tap Nap Snap MMA


Yokkao Interviews: Stephania, Saenchai, Silvia

But I’m not only being interviewed, I’m conducting some this week too. On Monday I’m looking to Skype interview Stefania Picelli the CEO of Muay Thai Combat working with Yokkao to put on what seems to be a fantastic International show in France Muay Thai Combat Mania on November 8th, featuring among others Saenchai, Sudsakorn and Silvia La Notte. I want to talk to her about being one of the only of Muay Thai, and what she thinks about the changing image of Muay Thai and female Muay Thai around the world. It turns out that I’ll have a chance to interview both Saenchai and Silvia La Notte in writing this week. If you have any questions for either fighter let me know in comments or on Facebook and I’ll see if I can weave them in.

Yokkoa Muay Thai Combat - November 8


So a lot of interview irons are in the fire, I hope they all come to fruition and turn out well. This week I also should have more news about the 50 Kicks for Khem fundraiser we are doing, and updates on the successful Lanna efforts to raise money him and his family. I just saw Khem today. Stay tuned to, you can subscribe below, to follow all these happenings. Usually it isn’t like this. It’s just train, train, train and fight, but a lot of communication is coming together this week. It is great to have this opportunity to talk about and spread Muay Thai to new readers, writers and listeners.

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