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Where To Find Stuff We’ve been here for almost a year and a half and slowly over time my husband Kevin has been adding locations to a growing Where...
Where To Find Stuff

We’ve been here for almost a year and a half and slowly over time my husband Kevin has been adding locations to a growing Where to Find Stuff in Chiang Mai Google map. It isn’t really a tourist map, though there are lots of great things like Tiger Kingdom, Patara Elephant Farm and the drive to the White Temple on there. Because it came from living here there are small detail things, like where to buy a DOT approved motorcycle helmet, where a nice large pharmacy is, where to find movies in English, or to buy a computer or  a smart phone with help that speaks English and can explain SIM card data plans, or where acupuncture is found. Many are things that took us a while to find and now that we found them it is great to have them on the map. There are also restaurants we’ve come to discover and enjoy, though many of them are “special treat” restaurants out of our usual budget. Basically it is a collection of helpful and interesting stuff that you’d love to know about if you are visiting for a month or so, or even long term – a breeder of Thai Ridgeback dogs anyone? Or a great company that helps you straighten out long term visa stays? For those involved in Muay Thai all the Chiang Mai stadia are there, as well as where to buy equipment or custom shorts.

The good thing about it is that we are always adding to it and editing it, and pairing it down, so it is a living map.

Go to the full Important Places of Chiang Mai map here.

Map of Chiang Mai

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If you are not familiar with Google Maps you can save this map (or places on it) directly to your own “My Maps” or Google Map favorites. And when in Chiang Mai – if you have an internet connection – you can easily click get directions which will plot how to get from where you are to where you want to go.

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