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Gym recommendations in the Philippines


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My search for an existing thread on this topic came back empty, so here we are. I'm planning a trip to the Philippines next year, and I'd like to get some training in. If anyone has recommendations for trainers or gyms in the Philippines, I'd love to hear them. Improving or adding to my technique is my goal, so I'm not really looking for a brutal work out.
"but where in the Philippines?" you might ask


The planning is still in a very early stage, so any insight into MT in the PL would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Info is probably hard to find, so I forwarded your question to Patrick Rivera, a USA coach who knows the Philippines. This is what he said:


Ahh ok, if they are on vacation have them go to Ole Laursen’s gym in Boracay. Former world class fighter. Boracay is a very popular , beautiful beach destination. In Manila in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) there is ELITE Boxing and Muay Thai. Good trainers for what OP sounds like they are looking for. Also in Manila is the Elorde Gym chain.

I hope that little bit helps!

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