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15 Y/O wanting to train muay thai

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Im 15 and have been wanting to train muay thai for a few months now,i have been looking for a good muay thai gym near me just idk what to really look for, i've heard some tips as for what to look for in a gym except it was somewhat confusing to me, ive been eyeing one for some time as well just i dont know how to take what they told me (i emailed the owner) any help is appreciated whether thats helping me with tips for what to look for or giving your input on the gym im interested in 


Gym one (https://www.theogthaiboxingclub.com)

Gym two (https://www.ambushmuaythai.com/austin)

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If both gyms offer a trial class then give both of them a try. Every Muay Thai gym I've been to has been friendly and welcoming, so definitely look for that. As a beginner you should be getting plenty of correction, so that's something else to look for.

Class should consist of stretching, cardio, shadow boxing, pad work and bag work. 

Hope you enjoy it mate, let us know how you get on 👍

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