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How to close the gap to start inside fighting?

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Hi everyone,

After going to Thailand and learning privately with Yodkhunpon for many sessions, I have really improved a lot in the field of elbow and knee fighting, and have really dominated the close range fighting zone in my gym. (Thanks for Sylvie😁😁)

But lately, there came a new fighter who has really good Boxing skills. His punches are so fast, hard and accurate, that even though he has little experience in inside fighting, I had really tough times just getting close enough to make use of my elbows and knees during our sparring. Turns out this guy was a professional Boxer and won WBC fights, no wonder lol.

So I come here to ask, if there is any effective way to close the gap between myself (a Muay Sok/muay Khao) and a heavy puncher (a Muay Mat)?

I'd appreciate it very much 🙂

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