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Boxe after eye surgery for retinal detachment

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English is not my mother tongue.

I might very soon have an eye surgery for retinal detachment (if my symptoms are right.)

I would like to know if anyone of you went through this and can give feedback about the change in your boxing routine (sparring and fight) and the potential risk you are aware of. 

Thank you

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Yes sur if you have a doctor. After I called the hospital (far from my place and no car) they told me to come. A friend of mine gently offer me to drive me there a day or two after this post. After an eye checking a young doctor/student told me that it's a vitreous detachment. I asked about boxe and he told me that I have to wait sometimes and after the vitreous will be totally detached I can practice normally but it's not clear when it will happen. He told me to go back to the hospital after two weeks if I still have this little black dot in my eye and this kind of "lighting bolt" when I move quick my eyes from left to right during night. I didn't yet but soon. He also told me to don't do too much sport (that was very vague) drink a lot of water and don't take hit on the face because in the process of the detachment it can still tear the retina. I hope it will be fixed soon.

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It is recommended that you should rest 1 month approximately, after having an eye surgery. I know that you are very very keen about your training. That's the best spirit in you. But at this time I recommend you to rest at least 1 month and if you fear that you may not forget Boxing, I recommend you 2 read books and blogs about Boxing. That'll help you keep in touch with Boxing.

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