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Sit Thailand vs Manop vs kem Muay Thai


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About 10th post on this but want to get it right 😂stuck between these 3 gyms. Will be taking much privates I can get. Anyone any idea which I will make the most out of a 3 week stay with ?

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I know these are stressful decisions, and you feel like you don't have enough information to choose wisely, but the truth is that its very hard to get real time accuracy of what is happening in a gym, and even if you did, the source of that report could very well be someone very unlike you, either in fighter needs, or personality.

The truth is, whatever you choose you'll be having experiences unlike anything you'll have outside of Thailand. Kem's going to give you an up-on-the-mountain, beautiful gym, hard training which may feel kind of isolated. He's an incredibly good teacher, and privates with him would be so good (as with the other 3). Its isolation can cut both ways. It can give you a once-in-lifetime experience, especially if you don't know if you'll return to Thailand again. If you are very unsure, then going to Chiang Mai may be best because you won't be stuck where you are. You could go to Thailand's gym for a day or two, and then go to Manop's gym for a day or two, and FEEL which one fits you, and then dive into that one (or, even have the option of other Chiang Mai gyms). Thailand's gym is going to be much more of a local fighters gym, with Thai boys, Manop's is going to be more western, but still small and personal, with a great technical teacher. But, if you go to Chiang Mai you'll have the city to visit and motorbike around, which might really add to your experience. In the end though nobody can really take away the risk of the choice.

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