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Love Samson Isaan's style. Any gyms in Thailand that would teach similar?

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Hey, I'm going Thailand in September for 3 months. Anyone know some gyms that produce good pressure fighters? Hugely love Samson's style more than anyone else.

So far I've got my eyes on Sitmonchai for this kinda thing, but that's a bit different from Samson's style cause of the focus on low kicks

Any suggestions are proper appreciated ^^

Kind regards

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6 hours ago, Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu said:

If you'd be willing to go up to Khorat in Isaan Yodwicha (a great pressure fighter) is training people up there. And Kem's gym below Khorat, teaches a nice semi-pressure style, with focus on hands. In Chiang Mai Kru Thailand's gym has some very balanced but still aggressive Muay Thai.


Great suggestions, thanks mate. Especially like the idea of Yodwicha's gym; has he moved to Khorat? I thought he was in Buriram. 

Do you know if these gyms would be good for a heavier guy? I hover around 80kg generally (pretty lean). I think Yodwicha fights at 70kg so think that'd be fine.

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12 hours ago, foglemon said:

has he moved to Khorat? I thought he was in Buriram. 

I"m sorry, Buriram I believe is correct. He's training people out of a well-known gym there, and I believe building his own.

I don't know much about gym composition. Kem used to have fairly large westerners regularly, but everything has changed over the last few years.

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15 hours ago, Caden said:

Thinking of going to kem too. Is there good private’s up there was thinking of getting ones from karuhat and wangchannoi anyone know how far that would be from kem ?

I think Kem is about 4+ hours from Bangkok. Kem is a really good private, one of the best in Thailand. You could try to take a trip to Buriram, maybe an hour from Kem's, and take a private with Yodwicha.

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