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Sparing, fight and vision - Contact Lenses and Fighting

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Thanks! Got the win by unanimous decision, it was a great experience. The day before the fight I decided I would wear contacts so I could be completely confident on the night. However, one of my friends was doing her first interclub that same morning and had one of her lens split in her eye on the first punch (the ref ended the match early). So I finally decided that I would not wear contacts and suck it up! I made sure I checked all the stairs and entrance to the ring before it was my time to go, so it didn't end up being much of a problem after all. 

Congrats for your win!

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I have pretty poor eyesight -2,5 and -3,5 and I use lenses when i train including sparring. They have come out a few times, but thats fine. I considered getting surgery to improve my vision, however when I told the clinic that i trained muay thai they recommended not using the regular treatment that fixes your eye in a few hours. That technique apparently makes your cornea more sensitive which is a risk when you are sparring afterwards. Instead they suggested another technique which basically removes the cornea and lets it grow back. That makes your pretty much blind for a week, and hurts quite a bit though, so i decided to pass on it and just keep sparring with my lenses in.

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