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Santai or hongthong for female non-fighter with recreational muay thai experience

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I’m a female non-fighter (maybe in several years, but definitely not right now) with about half a year of recreational muay thai experience (3 times a week, once a day). Really enjoyed learning the techniques. So I’m planning a travel to Thailand to train for a month. Based on my research, I shortlisted 2 gyms: santai and hongthong. In the older reviews available online, females who have no fighting experience seem to have had mixed experiences in terms of the level of attention of the trainers as well as the opportunity to spar or learn clinching techniques (some said they were even brushed aside or had issues finding training partners for being not strong enough). I’m concerned about these reviews, but I’m not sure how accurate they are and to what extent these situations came from a lack of personal initiative versus the negative culture at the gym. Would love to hear any recent experiences at these gyms! Thank you!

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Don't know Santai but I've been at Hongthong recently for a month and it's a great gym. It was pretty quiet when I was there, and I think it's busier now, so the attention you get might be a bit different. When I was there, there was 3 women regularly training. Never heard anything bad from anyone there and the group of regular falang fighters there are really good guys, not macho and very respectfull. One of the pad trainer is a little flirty but I haven't seen him do anything innapropriate or even flirt without reciprocity.

I would say for sparring and clinching in some gym you just have to impose yourself. Sometimes they don't know and they assume you don't want to or something. So when they say clinching clinching and sparring sparring, just go in the ring. Don't wait for them to take you by the hand or look at you. If they say no, ask why. In the end, you're paying. 

I would say for attention. In my experience, like any other think in life, the front runners always get the most attention. After the talented, then the hard workers. So, I would suggest, don't cut corners when they say do a 100 of this or 200 of that. Always do little more if you can and push yourself as much as you can and they will see it after a few days, and they will give you the attention you deserve. 

If you want to go on the Islands, Yodyut in Ko Samui is great too. 

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